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Installation Guide and Energy-Saving Tips designed for your Home

 BC Hydro
Description: Save power: Being more aware of your energy consumption can help you save. This kit includes a few products for saving power. LED light bulbs: LEDs use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, and last up to 25 years based on average household use. Maximize savings by replacing bulbs that are on for long periods of time (15 minutes or longer). LEDs are instant on and dimmable. LightRecycle accepts and recycles all light bulbs. LED night light: To maximize savings, use your ultra-efficient LED night light instead of leaving a bathroom or hallway light on. Plug it in and it will turn on automatically when it’s dark.
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Installation guide
and energy-saving
tips designed for
your home.

We’re working together to help B.C. save energy.

Saving starts here
Your Energy Saving Kit has been designed for you, based on
your specific needs.*
Follow the installation guide to make your home more
comfortable and energy-efficient.

Safety first!


Save power
LED light bulbs
Fridge and freezer the ... See more

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