Kickball Rules – An Ultimate Guide for Kickball Game

 Kevin Brown

A combination of two games, which are baseball and soccer, will result in a Kickball game. In this game, the two teams try to score as many runs possible which is similar to baseball. The team who manages to score more runs during the innings will be known as the winner. In order to win a kickball match, one needs to follow the kickball rules during the match and try not to make foul.

Kickball Equipment:

• Ball

• Field

• Bases

• Pitching Strip

• Uniform

• Jersey

• Shoes or cheats

• Socks

• Speakers

• Accessories

• Water bottle

Kickball Rules: How to play?

The kickball rules are simple and easy to follow. Let’s have a look at the basic rules of kickball game.

1. A team should have minimum 8 number players and if that is not the case the team can remove their team name from the game and will not be eligible to play.

2. It is suggested that 10 players form a team in which there should be 6 men and 4 women on the field. However, a team can also start with 8 players but there should be 3 women and a maximum of 6 men can play on the field.

3. Strictly metal spikes are not allowed. If any uncertain equipment is noticed as per the rulebook during the play or on the ground it should be brought to the umpire and the decision from the umpire will be considered as the final decision.

4. A game should be of seven innings or in a specific language it should be of 55 minutes and the last inning will start during the last 10 to 15 minutes of the game.

5. Warm up time will also be included during the 55 minutes and no extra time will be allotted.

6. However, the timings are decided by the umpire so in that case abide the rules that are laid down by the umpire.

7. The umpire shall arrange fair timings according to the comfort of both the teams.

8. A game should be conducted at softball diamond or at open grass area. It will be decided according to the conditions of fields.

9. However, the pitcher and fielders are supposed to stay behind the pitcher’s mound until the ball has been kicked.

10. Whereas, the catcher or kicker are not supposed to cross the home plate unless the ball is contacted.

11. It will be considered as a foul if the kicker comes in contact with the ball while facing the home plate.

12. At the time of playoffs any game in which there are 12 or more teams then those teams shall be split into a Flight A and Flight B.

13. The batters are supposed to play with one ball and scoring shall be done as per one strike count.

14. The area which is extended to 1 foot of home plate and 1-foot-high then it will be named as the strike zone.

15. Pitches should be rolled in such a way that it does not bounce and if the pitch bounces 1-foot-high i.e. above the ground then it will be illegal pitch and a game cannot be played on such illegal pitch. It should be rolled at a reasonable pace.

16. An instance, when the male player is walked on purpose and on the other hand the female player follows him in the batting order then the female player will decide whether to walk or bat for herself.

17. There should be a minimum of 3 women in the team in order to start and continue a game. However, there should be a maximum of 2 players to bat in a row during the batting period of the game.

18. The players who are removed or their chance of batting has been over are then not supposed to re-enter at the ground for again batting. All the players should be given turn for batting and a specific list should be maintained in which it should be mentioned that who will go first for batting and then the following players.

19. The players will be considered out when the following case is noticed during the game:

• Striking out

• The defense player catches the flying ball.

• During the lead bases, a throw out is done.

• The runner gets tagged by the ball.

• Infields fly rules.

• A player gets out because of foul made by him or her.

• When the player hit the ball anywhere below the shoulder.

• The player makes use of his or her head in order to block the ball.

• A kick above the batter’s head will be considered as foul and the player will be out of the game.

20. The thrown ball that will not be considered in the game when the following case is noticed during the game:

• The ball is thrown in such a way that it goes over of the fence.

• The second case can be when the ball is thrown in such a way that it goes beyond the fence.

• If in case there is no fencing then the thrown ball goes beyond the imaginary line.

21. A situation where a team forfeits a game during the season the following kickball rules should be applied carefully:

• The game will be directly considered as a loss and warning will be issued to the team. The team will be noticed during the next game whether they again do the same thing or not.

• As per the situation, the team can also be removed from the league.

Expected Behavior of player:

The players are supposed to behave in a better way during the game. If in case the player is noticed being unruly with the teammates, umpire, player of opponent’s team, fans, etc then that player will be asked to leave the game as well as the location and respective decision will be taken for that player for the upcoming matches. This is all about kickball rules for beginners. Now, you know how to play kickball game.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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