No Longer Black and White

 Sabrina Bower

A collection of poems that give you a look at the world through the eyes of Maria Christou.

For Immediate Release: Oppression, depression, and hunger are becoming more commonplace in the world. But, there is still love, sympathy, empathy, and happiness. This is the ideal of Maria Christou that she has tried to portray in her book, ‘No Longer Black and White.

‘No Longer Black and White’ is a collection of poems that gives the readers a look at the world through the eyes of Maria Christou. It gives the readers a chance to explore the different emotions around them with an open heart and mind. It also brings them to different facets of life that are too important to be ignored.

The book is a great example of how the challenges in life change a person. Christou faced various life challenges and struggles in London and Cyprus. She took to writing to express her emotions. This collection of poetry is close to her heart as it speaks about all the things that matter to her and that she thinks should matter to others as well.

‘No Longer Black and White’ is a must-read for all the people out there who still have their hearts open to emotions, love, happiness, empathy, and sympathy.

The book is divided into 4 parts, each having a close connection with Christou.

The Power and Beauty of Women’ gives us a glimpse of all the different women we see around us. It talks about the strength of each of these women and how powerful they are.

‘My Heart on a Sleeve’ is a collection of poems that gives the readers a glimpse into Christou’s personal life. The beautiful poems in this part are very inspiring and give a refreshing feel to the readers.

‘The World Through My Eyes’ is about the changing world around Christou. Some poems in this part are inspired by true events. Others give the readers the hope and courage to survive in the ever-changing world.

Finally, ‘Friends and Family’ has poems in which she talks about her family and friends. In addition, she also touches some other topics that talk about the importance of family and friends in the lives of a person.

‘No Longer Black and White’ is a must-read for all the people out there who are looking for courage, hope, and inspiration.

About the Author

Born in London, Maria Christou is the child of immigrant parents who migrated from Cyprus to London. Christou faced various life challenges and turned to writing as an outlet. Poetry has always been her favourite medium to explore, and she adopted it for her work. As a lover of art and emerging artists, Christou has been active in the art community in Cyprus. Christou has always been a warm, generous person. She also teaches English online to Chinese students and loves spending quality time with her wonderful kids and partner.

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