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Non-economic Benefits of Standards

 Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology
Description: Analyze the value chain- Value chain of the Intelligent Public Transportation Dispatch industry, Analyze the value chain (2)- Core process of the Intelligent Public Transportation Dispatch. Identify the impacts of standards (1)- Key aspects of the operation and areas of impacts of the standards. Identify impacts of standards (2)- Main standards used. Qualitative impacts of standards- Efficiency in the dispatch operations, Real-time control operations, Remote safety monitoring, Operational guarantees, Systematic monitoring of key performance indicators, Evidence-based decision and planning support, Increase in the determination of the exact amounts of subsidy payments, Smart coordination of emergency situations. Quantitative impacts of standards- Average monthly number of passengers increased by 0.92 %, Punctuality rate of bus departures improved by 2 %, Speeding violations decreased by 9 %, Time needed for preparing statistics decreased by 10 %, Number of dispatching personnel was reduced by 6 %, Waiting time for passengers was reduced by an average of 0.4 minutes, Passenger complaints decreased by 2 %, Passenger convenience, based on surveys, was enhanced by 5 %.
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Domain: Afterhours
Category: Auto
Contributing Organization: ISO
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Shenzhen Institute of Standards and
Technology (China)


• Background and objectives of the
• Four steps to conduct the
• Conclusions of the project



Assess the non-economic benefits of Intelligent Public
Transportation Dispatch System Standards used by the
Shenzhen Transport Commission


ISO methodology

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