Northeast Greenland National Park: All You Need to Know

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Northeast Greenland National park is one of the largest National Parks in the world. It covers an area of 972,000 square kilometers. An area of Greenland National park is bigger than 29 countries. There are many parts in Greenland which are still untouched. There are many things left to explore such as wilderness.

The Inuit have stayed here and survived easily as they were heavily dependent on the arctic species of animals. They were carnivorous. The most interesting thing is that there are less than 50 people live in this largest national park. Only Ittoqqortoormiit can hunt in the national park. The staff of 40 people lives at the monitoring stations that constantly monitor the weather situation in the park.

There are no permanent residents in the Greenland National Park. This is the best place for mammal animals. There are roughly nine mammal species found in the park. You can find polar bears and walruses in large numbers. Apart from all these animals, you can also meet mountain rabbits, reindeer, and fox. It is also famous for its giant whales and other sea creatures. You are familiar with some common species of whales such as Humpback, Minke, and fin. The seals and different types of sharks are also found in this largest park. The varied birds such as eider, snow owl, goose, and raven gather here for breeding. It is the best place for breeding.

Different types of birds are the main attraction of this park. You will get to know the different kinds of species of animals and their natural habitats in the park. Everybody is wondering who runs the largest park in the world. This park is run by the home rule Authorities of the country. The Danish Polar center has total control over Greenland National park. Those who wish to visit the park have to submit a written application to the Danish Polar Center. Without taking consent of the Ministry of Nature, Environment, and justice you can’t get an entry in the park.

Northeast Greenland National Park Weather:

The weather in Northern Greenland National Park is tough, especially in the winter month. There is too much cold in this region due to its location in the north. It is getting dry and warmer during the summer. Between November to April, the temperature is around 20 degree Celsius. There is summer time from June to August. The weather is relaxing and pleasant. The average temperature is around 10 to 15 degree Celsius. You will feel too much hot due to the low humidity. It is also known as the Arctic Desert due to low rainfall in the region. We also let you know the best time to visit Northeast Greenland National park.

If you are planning to visit Northern Greenland National Park please follow the climate in Greenland National Park because it varies. The best time to visit this National park is summer. In the summer months, the atmosphere is in a welcoming mood. You can explore many untouched things during these months. At the end of May or the end of August, you can pack your language and land to this place with your family or friends. There are some bold travelers who visit this place in winter. It is very harsh during winter. This is the best time to explore wilderness such as polar bears, sea creatures, and creatures of nature. It is very difficult to access all the area in the Greenland National Park as there are no proper roads to travel. A few places to visit in Northern Greenland National Park.

Ella Island:

Ella Island is one of the most unique places in Northeast Greenland National Park. Its formation is wonderful. Ella Island is known for its vistas. This island attracts Island climbers. It has amazing hiking trails. You can also be familiar with some unknown Arctic wildlife in the region. You should visit this place once.

Summit Camp:

This place is a research station. It was set up on the top of the ice sheet. It is 3210 meters high from sea level. People like to visit this place during the summer months. It is estimated at around 50 to 55. An American company runs this research center.

Ending up...

Northeast Greenland National Park is one of the most silent places on the planet. Those who are curious about exploring new things, Greenland National Park is the perfect place.

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