Oktoberfest Food Ideas: Ideas That Are Mouth Watering

 Kevin Brown

Before we discuss Oktoberfest food ideas, we talk about Oktoberfest. There are different kinds of festivals organized all over the world. But amongst them, Oktoberfest food is one of the largest volksfests in the world.

Oktoberfest is a beer festival. It was originated in Munich. King Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. On this day, the king invited all the people of Munich to make this occasion more special. After five days of marriage on 17 October King held the largest fest at Munich. With the changing times, twists were added to the celebration to make it popular. Hence, this celebration turned into the largest festival of people. This festival became the center of attraction. People started showing interest in the people of Bavaria and its culture.

Oktoberfest Drinks:

We are also going to introduce to you some interesting facts about Oktoberfest along with Oktoberfest food ideas. You can taste a variety of beverages on your table. Let’s look at below Oktoberfest drinks.

You can get a unique experience after drinking “Oktoberfest beer” Bavarian beer is one of them. Bavarian beer is very delicious. Oktoberfest beer is specially brewed for Oktoberfest celebration. This beer is brewed by Munich “big 6” breweries. Oktoberfest beer is a combination of delicious beer and strong beer. The strong beer has massive alcoholic content.

Oktoberfest beer is very strong. Beginners should be careful while drinking as it is stronger than regular beer. It has 6 percent alcohol. There are only six breweries which are very popular in Munich. They are also known as “big 6”. They serve you with different kinds of beer such as Dunkel, Helles, Radler, and Hefeweizen. Let’s talk about Oktoberfest food ideas…

Oktoberfest food ideas:

At Oktoberfest, you will have unlimited options in food. A perfect place for a foodie to explore a variety of food in one place. You can eat as much food as you can.

Schweinebraten: (roast pork)

It is also called as roasted pork. This is a classic dish from Bavarian. To prepare this dish, the pork is cut into pieces. Different body parts of pork are used to make this dish. The dark beer is used to roast pork’s cuts. Onion is also used. People who attend this festival never miss eating this classic Bavarian cuisine.

Steckerlfisch: ( Grilled fish)

Grilled fish is called as Steckerlfisch. It is a very popular local dish. The local Bavarian fishes are used to make a grilled fish. First of all, it is merited and skewered. You can also use trout fish. People love this grilled fish as it is very soft and juicy.

Soft giant pretzels:

This is one of the best Oktoberfest food ideas. People are dying to eat this soft and chewy pretzel. It is a very simple recipe to prepare. You can prepare it quickly. Prepare flour and give a shape as you wish. Then back it. Your giant pretzel is ready to serve.

Roast chicken:

This is a common dish but yet loved by the majority of the people. Roast chicken is a common Oktoberfest food idea. It is fun to dig in roasted chicken with light beer. Consume some beer before eating. This is delicious roast chicken with local flavors.


Brezen is one of the most popular cuisines in Germany. It is mostly served in the tents. Pork is ripped from the center and filled with schmaltz and butter. This is one of the few dish people will love to eat. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste such a delicious dish.


You will find most of the dishes made with pork. Dishes which are made with pork are very popular in Germany. But the chicken dishes are not behind. You can enjoy a variety of roasted chicken at Oktoberfest. Different types of birds are roasted with butter and parsley.

Wrapping up…

We have shared with you some Oktoberfest food ideas which are rich in taste. If you ever happen to attend this largest Oktoberfest festival doesn’t forget to eat these traditional Bavarian foods.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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