Outdoor Games: Ideas That You Can Share with Your Friends

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Outdoor games should be a part of our daily life. We ought to make it an important part of our life. Instead of being busy the whole day, we should come out and have some amazing outdoor games.

Outdoor games require a large space to play. You can play outdoor games on a big ground or park. Playing outdoor games have many advantages too. You can breathe fresh air, build a strong relationship, and develop team spirit.

Best Outdoor Games for Youth:

Generally, youth loves to play outdoor games as it requires much efforts and energy. Playing an outdoor game is a fantastic way to get mix with others. Here, we are going to share the list of outdoor games for youth.

Wiffle Ball with Shaving Cream:

There is a twist in this volleyball game. It can be said the best outdoor game for youth. In this game, all participants are divided into 2 teams and make sure which team is going to bat first. You must play in accordance with the rules. The rules of this outdoor game are very simple to obey. Here is one contrast. The ball is filled with shaving cream. The fun moment in this game while the ball pitches or hit the bat and splatter the cream all around. It is fun playing this game.

A Perfect Square:

This game requires a long rope and many blindfolds. You are supposed to gather groups and place blindfolds on your heads. The main aim of this outdoor game is to make a perfect square without taking off your blindfolds. The game allows enough time to end your square. Take off the blindfolds and see your square. You can bring a twist by restricting some players from discussing. You can develop communication skill, trust, and leadership through this game.

Race with an obstacle:

People are always excited when there is a race. You have to end the race as quickly as possible. In this outdoor game, your feet are tied tightly with a rope. You have a partner to place his hands on the floors, while other holds hit tied feet and shoulder him by the ankles. While the race if they lose the grip to hold ankles or legs the team is driven out from the race. They are declared out of the race. The team ends the game without a hurdle is a winner.

Outdoor Games for Toddlers:

Outdoor games are necessary for a toddler’s growth. Make it a necessary part of their lives. Toddlers can learn many things from playing outdoor games. They can learn leadership, teamwork, the importance of communication and much more. Below are some inspiring outdoor games for the toddlers.


This outdoor game can increase the physical strength of your children. It also makes your children skilled in mathematical knowledge. You are supposed to draw hopscotch on the ground. Each hopscotch grid is placed as per its positions. Each grid is filled up with specific numbers. The children are supposed to jump on a specific number in the grid. You can give some bigger number in the grid to enhance your toddler’s knowledge.

Hide and Seek:

Everybody is familiar with this outdoor game. We used to play this game during childhood. The game requires a comfortable place to play this game. The groups are divided into 2 parts. One team hides while the other team seeks them. You can hide yourselves behind the trees, holes, bushes and so on. It is an enjoyable game. Toddlers can learn searching ability through this game.

Escape the water jet:

It is a fun outdoor game. You need a water hose for this game. Place your toddler in the water outlet. Your toddlers are supposed to stay within the water outlet. Put on the tap and sprinkle water towards your kids and your child has to escape the water spay. It is a family game. Your toddler can be physically strong playing this game.

Wrapping up…

Always remember one thing, whether it is an outdoor game or indoor game every game teaches us something to implement in life. So keep on playing games no matter how old you are.

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