Paintball Rules - How to Play Paintball Game!

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This article is all about Paintball Rules, history, shooting and everything related to paintball. Paintball is a game of shooting in which each player tries to eliminate the opponents from the game by hitting them with spherical dye-filled capsules i.e. paintballs that break when get hit on someone. It is really a fun game to play with your friends.

Let’s have a look at how this fun sport came into the picture in the first place.

History of Paintball

Paintball game was initially found in May 1981, but now it is played at a formal sporting level with competitions that involve major tournaments, professional teams, and players. Paintball game is also used by military forces, law enforcement, and security organizations. Paintball Rules state that it can be played on indoor or outdoor fields of different sizes.

Decide Boundaries to Play

Before the game begins, take a survey of the field and clearly assign the boundaries to everyone who’ll play. Make sure that your field is not too large or too small. The general field size for three on three is 150 yard. But, if you have 16 people, you’ll need more space.

Establish the starting bases on opposite sides of the field and if possible, make it such that they aren’t in view of each other. Please note that if you are playing on a speedball course and that too with no trees or bush, this won’t be possible.

Paintball Rules in Detail

Paintball players usually have a high standard of sportsmanship. Everyone has the same goal, to hit the opponent and get them out of the play. It’s a game full of action-packed friendly competition.

Respect the game, respect the players and you’ll have a great time ahead. Here are some general paintball rules to abide by: -

Mark the Dead Zone-

Make sure that everyone knows the location of the dead zone and knows not to shoot near it. The dead zone is an area that is off the field where the players go after they get eliminated. It is also the place where extra paintball gear and paint is left between games. The dead zone should be far enough off the main field that eliminated players can remove their masks and clean them off without getting hit by the players still on the field.

The Basic Rules of Paintball Game

Let’s look at how to play Paintball Game, one of the most entertaining games of all time. These paintball rules may differ slightly from the tournament rules which is played in U.S.

1. Paintball Safety Goggles must be worn at all the time. At no time, a player will be allowed to break the seal of the goggles from around their face. Only the approved goggles for paintball are allowed at our field.

2. Players must always look at their targets while shooting. Blind shooting is not allowed.

3. Players must never remove their barrel cover unless and until at the target area or when told to do so by the referee. If you lose your barrel cover, point the gun at the ground and call for assistance from a member staff.

4. Players are not allowed to climb trees, structures, or on the bunkers. The only objects players are allowed to climb on are the staircases leading them up.

5. No physical contact allowed. Players are not allowed to touch another player or their equipment.

6. Unauthorized equipment is not allowed on the playing field. Players are not allowed to bring any equipment seem to be unsafe or not appropriate like knives of any size, tools, paint, grenades, paint mines and multiple paintball launchers or any types of explosives.

7. Players are not allowed to create any field hazards for other players.

8. As per the paintball rules, players are not allowed to smoke on the playing field. Also, alcohol or drugs are not allowed in the premises.

9. Players are advised to maintain their sportsmanship; verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Players ejected for rule violations shall not be given a refund.

10. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the equipment, please bring it to the attention of the staff members.

11. The decision of referees on the field will be considered final. Players are not allowed to get into an argument with any referees. Referees will be happy to discuss any issue after the game if you need any clarification.

12. Paintball rules should not be violated at any cost. If so, the players will be immediately ejected from the game and not be allowed to play again any time soon.

Wrapping Up…

Paintball is a game which is played in many regions of the word like US, India, Turkey, Iran, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, UAE, Australia, Bangladesh and Canada. Now you can imagine how popular this game is. Paintball rules may differ from regions to regions and from grounds to grounds.

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