Paleo Diet Rules: Follow an Ancient Diet Meal Plan

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Paleo foods are similar to what people have been following in the Paleolithic era. Before, we start discussing on Paleo diet rules; let’s get back to the Paleolithic era. In that era, people used to eat authentic foods which were not only delicious but also good for health. This diet improves your workouts and enhances the energy level in your body. They used to eat a wide variety of foods that contains plenty of nutrition for the growth of our body. The foods eaten during the Paleolithic era were very effective to keep us away from many diseases. Thus, an idea of the Paleo diet has been taken from the foods was used during the Paleolithic era.

The foods we are using in the Paleo diet were obtained by hunting and gathering. There are other names also for Paleo diet such as the Stone Age diet, Paleolithic diet, and Caveman diet.

Paleo Diet Rules Along with Paleo Diet Meal Plan

What to Eat?

According to the Paleo diet rules, you should include a lot of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, wild fish, olive oil, and avocado in your Paleo diet meal plan. This is what our ancestor used to eat in the Paleolithic era. These meals are full of nutrition.

What Not to Eat?

As per the Paleo diet rules, you should avoid using cereal grains like wheat, oats, and rice. Don’t consume dairy products, beans and peanuts, processed foods and refined vegetable oils. The meal plan suggests that you should totally remove grains from your meal plan.

Look at The Paleo Diet Benefits

Eat Grass-Fed Meat and Seafood:

As there was no farming during that era, our ancestor heavily depended on meat and seafood. They used to go for hunting and gather food. The Paleo diet rules insist to eat lots of grass-fed meat as it is thinner than grain-fed animals. It contains omega- 3 fatty acid that helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. It controls blood sugar and protects your heart.

Eat Eggs:

Paleo diet rules include the consumption of eggs. Eggs are in the list of paleo diet because it contains a high level of proteins. The eggs are easily available and very easy to cook. Always prefer to eat eggs that are organic. Don’t use eggs that chicken raised in the cage. There is no omega-3 content in it. It helps regain your lost energy and increases the energy level.

Fruits and Vegetables:

In ancient time, ancestors were dependent on fruits and vegetables that were pure. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. It contains minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Here are restrictions for the vegetables which are high in sugar. As an instance “potatoes” it is not included in the list as per the paleo diet rules. You can use frozen vegetables in your Paleo diet.

Add Nuts and Seeds in Paleo Diet:

Nuts and seeds are very beneficial for those who are lacking proteins. They have plenty of healthy fat and fiber. They were eaten in the Paleolithic era. You can also add them in your list. Peanuts are not listed in the Paleo diet as they are legumes.

Olive Oil & Avocado Oil:

Both Olive and Avocado are considered in the Paleo diet rules. There are other oils also included in the paleo diet meal plan such as Walnut oil, Macadamia oil, and Coconut oil. According to the Paleo diet rules, they all are healthy because they are processed directly from the plant. Though our ancestors did not use flaxseed oil yet we use it in the Paleo diet rules. The reason we use it because it includes high alpha-linolenic acid which protects your heart and reduces the inflammation in the body.

Certain Drinks to Use and Avoid On the Paleo Diet:

As per the Paleo diet rules, there are certain drinks you should avoid in the paleo such as soda, wine beer, and sweet beverages. While water, coconut water, coffee, sugar-less tea are allowed in the paleo diet rules. The paleo diet is growing more popular as it owns nutrition in volumes.

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