Rugby Rules: Term, Position and Equipment of Game

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What are the Rules of Rugby Game?

The game features 2 teams in which 15 players are there in each team. All they have to do is to pass or kick the ball to the end zone and there should be one player in each team to defend the competitor’s goal.

Law of the Rugby game is made by keeping 2 aspects in the center they are:

1. Let the players play within the spirit of the game.

2. In order to safeguard the welfare of all the players

The Main Motive of Rugby Game

As usual, to score more points than the competitor in the given time (time allotted is only 80 minutes) of the match. The team with greater marks will be the winner at the end of the game. The game can also end if it’s a draw. The game should be started by moving the ball up in the field which is known as “phases of play”. There is a strict rule that one cannot pass forward the rule but players can run and kick the ball in order to pass the ball. Whereas the opposing team needs to stop its competitor’s team by tacking and try to kick the ball.

Necessary Equipment and Players of the Game

By now you know 15 players are there in each team and then they are classified into two groups. Those 2 groups are known as forwards and backs. There are 8 forwards and 7 backs. The forward group includes position named as Hooker, Prop, Second Row, Flanker and Number Eight. Whereas the second group which is named as backs includes the following positions, named as Scrum half, Fly-half, Inside Centre, Outside Centre, Wingers, and a Full Back.

Then the pitch is divided into 3 parts:

1. The main playing area which is 100 meters.

2. Secondly, two dead poles which can be from 10 meters to 20 meters

3. Thirdly, the goal post which is in the ‘H’ shape and approximately it is of 5 meters to 6 meters and there is no restriction for the height of the goal posts.

The team players should dress up in the same way. They should wear studded boots, gum shields, head guards, shoulder pads, shin pads, jersey, shorts and socks.

Rugby Terms


Meaning of the term


A side of the field


A player can be anytime technically awarded cap

Drop Goal

The ball must hit the ground before getting kicked and if successful then the team gets 3 points


A style of the kick which is high in the air.


A kick which causes the ball to bounce and roll along the ground.

Knock on

Losing, dropping or knocking the ball passing to the other player from a player’s hand will result in the ball being awarded to the competitor.


Mark is a location at the pitch where the referee asks the scrum to come together.


Penalty will be charged if a player crosses the offside line.


Any kind of violations will be award the competitor a chance of kick.

Penalty Try

It is awarded between the goal posts if foul play by the opposing team prevents a try from being scored.

Place kick

A kick which is being placed on the ground before kicking.


The judge and the timekeeper of the game


Restarting the game by a kick after the first half or the points scored.

Touch Judge

A spot where ball move out of the touch and judged as kicks at goal.

Position of the Players:

As you know by the time how many players are there and what are their positions, will discuss more on this topic.


The team players who belong to the first group are known as heavyweights of the whole team just because their task is to do the pushing, pulling and scrambling which all needs lots of strength and energy.

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