Tennis Court Dimensions – The Ultimate Guide

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Ultimate Guide for Tennis Court Dimensions

Is this an intended tennis player? Must be. If you are new in the tennis world then it is worth to read the whole blog. I am sure enough that through such content about the Tennis court dimensions, it will help the new players and boost their knowledge as well as performance for Tennis in the court. The amazing players will surely appreciate after reading at the end of the blog.

Tennis Court Dimensions:

Following table shows the measurement for the Tennis court according to the type of matches:

Type of matches


Double matches

78 ft. x 36 ft. or 2,808 sp.ft

Single Matches

78 ft. x 27 ft. or 2106 sp.ft

It is not necessary that every court consists of all the elements, so please go through the following content for detail information about the elements.

Hard Court Tennis: Layout


The baseline runs parallel with the net. This is the boundary line which defines that you will hit the most groundstrokes and if any shot gets land beyond this line then it is considered out.

Center mark

The line which is the most important that divides the court in two half is known as Center mark. This line will tell you the furthest spot at court, runs perpendicular to the net and it also defines that one cannot cross this line when hitting the serve.

Service line

A line that marks halfway point between the point and the baseline, which also runs parallel with the net, is known as Service Line. However, it extends single lines that are unlike the baseline. Out will be considered if any serve lands beyond the service line.

Center service line

When a line helps to create two equal sized service boxes between the net and service line is known as the center service line.

Singles Sidelines

The line that defines side boundaries for the single matches is known as Singles Sidelines.

Double Sidelines

Some lines that are situated few feet outside the Single Sidelines are known as double sidelines which are useful for double matches.

Classification of Tennis Court

Sector of Tennis Court



Left & Right Service Sector

21 feet x 13.5 feet (283.5 square feet)

These boxes are helpful for the left and right service.

Doubles Alleys

39 feet x 4.5 feet (175.5 square feet)

A space that has been created between the singles and doubles is known as Doubles Alleys.

No Mans Land

18 feet x 27 feet (486 square feet)

The largest box in the court which does not allows one to stand because it will be too close from groundstroke is known as No Mans Land.

More information about the Tennis Court


A net is the only element that divides the court into two parts. Tennis net should have Small Square so that ball cannot pass through it with a white band of 2 to 2.5 inches in depth, then only it will be an ideal net for the game.

New Posts

The net posts should not be more than 6 inches wide. Some court has the capacity to install singles net but the net will fall 3 feet outside of the singles net, however, some court net falls 3 feet outside of the doubles sideline.

Singles Sticks

The sticks that are helpful to lift the net up 3 feet are known as Singles Sticks. At times, courts won’t have singles sticks but still, the game is played, for e.g. high schools, colleges, etc. Whereas you will notice singles sticks when there is any professional match of Tennis at any court.

The Following table shows the area of different elements and their limits:



The Net

42 feet x 3.5 feet high at the post. (3 feet high at the center )

Net Posts

3.5 feet tall and not more than 6 inches wide.

Singles Sticks

3.5 feet tall and no more than 3 inches wide.

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