Table Tennis: All the Rules You Need to Know

 Kevin Brown

Basic Rules You Need to Know Before Playing Table Tennis

Table Tennis is easy to play and creates lots of fun, for which it is the most popular sports in the world in terms of participation. It only requires little financial support in order to play this game, for e.g. purchasing Table Tennis equipment, creating proper space for the game, etc. It is the best workout also for the player. By playing Table Tennis 3-4 days in a week will maintain your mind and body well. This game is generally seen in the game zone, play area of college/school, at times at home, etc.

However, like another game has certain rules that have to be followed during the game, even Table Tennis rules are framed by the International Table Tennis Federation (IIFT). The main regulatory body for Table Tennis is IIFT.

Equipment for Table Tennis

If in case you are not playing this game at some professional platform then there are less restriction framed and allowed by IIFT. Equipment is also regulated by IIFT. Table’s features should be as such: it should be 2.74 m long and 1.525 m wide, secondly, it should be placed above 76 cm above the floor. And then net should be attached above the surface of the table, should maintain 15.25 cm length. The ball which is played in this game should be of 2.7g and of 40 mm diameter. The color of the ball should be ideally white but orange, green, matte colors can also be accepted. The material of the ball should be celluloid or similar plastic.

The final equipment is racket. The racket should be of any size, weight but flat and rigid. Ideally, this racket is made up of wood (highest percent). An important note that players should allow the umpire and competitor to check all the equipment in order to have an unbiased game.

Rules to be Followed During the Game

In order to start this game, one of the players needs to make a service to the receiver (the other player).

How it (service) can be done? It is explained below:

Place the ball in your palm freely (not in static position). Make sure the ball does not get spin and it should be projected vertically upwards. Then all you need is to strike the ball to the other player’s (opponent) court. If in case you are playing doubles the ball should successfully touch the right side of receiver and server.

Then once the game is started (a ball is served), both the players should make sure that they return the ball by striking through racket until a score is earned. In the case of doubles, the players in the team should make sure that they get an equal chance to strike the ball. As soon as 2 points are scored, the player who received last the ball will serve the ball for the next turn

The above-mentioned rules should be followed until the game ends.

Scoring Rules

When 11 points are scored by a player or the team then it is known as a Set. In doubles, when both the players score 10 points by each then they won the match with a 2-point lead. When a player or team wins odd number sets such as 3, 5, 7 then a full match is won by the respective team or player.

When a Point is Scored by a Player or Team?

An opponent makes the wrong service. The receiver fails to receive the ball stroked by the opponent. The second stage of striking in a wrong way can also make a point scored, that stage is when the ball is wrongly stroked by the player and touches to the receiver’s body. Striking the ball twice will also make the receiver score a point. If the player touches the surface and net can turn into a point which will be scored by the opponent. Then players playing in a team if does not maintain sequence will also result in a point scored.

Enjoy Fellas!

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Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
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13 July, 2019