Central Coast’s Andy Buckworth a superstar of world action sports

 Matt Taylor

They said he’d never make it — “Mucking around with BMX bikes on the Coast’s streets will get you nowhere in life”, they said. How wrong they were. Andy Buckworth is now earning big bucks as one of the world’s best professional BMX racers and a stunt rider with the Nitro Circus Live crew, which the Express Advocatecan exclusively reveal will be coming to Gosford on April 1 next year.

It’s a dream life, the former Wadalba and Gorokan High School student says. “Many people, including my teachers, told me bikes wouldn’t take me anywhere,” Buckworth said.“But if you have a dream you should chase it, and that’s what I’ve done.”From humble beginnings at Lake Haven, the 26-year-old BMX wonder from Down Under — whose best trick is a no-handed double-front flip — is now based in the US at Huntington Beach, southern California.

He tours the world competing in hugely popular events including the X Games and Nitro Circus World Games, which are broadcast to millions through American sports TV network ESPN. “I have an unreal lifestyle,” Buckworth, who has nearly 200,000 followers on his professional Facebook page, said. “Competing in the world’s biggest action sports competitions is just a dream. I finished fourth at the Nitro Circus World Games in Salt Lake City last month. It’s a real buzz to be among the best of the best.

“And being one of 10 BMX stunt riders as part of Nitro Circus is amazing. I’ve been part of Nitro since the first show in Brisbane in 2010, and we’re now selling out shows everywhere we go. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.” The Coastie found his passion for BMX riding shortly after his parents — who now live at Forresters Beach — bought him his first bike at the age of nine. He joined the Terrigal BMX club and started performing jumps and tricks when he was 11.

“I remember coming home from school and riding around Lake Haven until it was dark,” Buckworth said. “I just loved riding so much, and there’s been a lot of sacrifice and determination since then to make it to the top. “I can’t wait to come home for the (Nitro Circus) show. It will be a groundbreaking show,” he said. “There’s nothing else like it around the world. “It will be a career highlight for me to perform in front of friends and family back home.”

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