Andrew McCabe Stepping Down from FBI

 Alan Neuhauser

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is reportedly stepping down from the bureau's No. 2 spot.

The embattled veteran agent will stay on at the bureau but be on leave until his official retirement date in mid-March, en he will be eligible to collect his full retirement benefits.

McCabe's departure was widely expected – Christopher Wray was named the bureau's new director in August, and it's generally understood among senior agents at the bureau that a new director will seek to bring aboard his own team. McCabe reportedly indicated to associates in December that he planned to retire early this year.

However, news of McCabe's decision to step aside six weeks before his official retirement sent ripples through news watchers and social media after it was first reported by NBC News.

McCabe, who was involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and briefly served as acting FBI director after President Donald Trump's abrupt firing of James Comey last May, found himself under frequent attack from Republicans in the past year.

McCabe's wife ran for Virginia's state Senate as a Democrat in 2015 and accepted campaign donations from a political action committee led by the state's former Democratic governor, a close Clinton associate. Republicans alleged that McCabe should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation as a result of those contributions to avoid a conflict of interest.

The deputy director also came under direct attack from the president himself. Trump accused McCabe of bias and took to Twitter to comment on his reported decision to retire from the FBI. Shortly after firing Comey, Trump reportedly asked McCabe point blank whom he voted for in 2016 and grilled him about his wife's campaign, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently pressured the FBI director to fire McCabe, The Washington Post reported.

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