Spiderman: Far from Home - Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio

 Kevin Brown

This year’s trailer of Spiderman: Far from Home has been thrilling. It gives a whole movie glance in 2 minutes and we can make out roughly about characters too. And remember that this movie’s launch date has been decided that is 5 July 2019 which has been produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. Here I would like to give some glance about Mysterio regardless of what is shown in the trailer. There will be some content of history also.

This character is created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko which was first seen in The Amazing Spider-Man (1964). Mysterio has been a supervillain in fictional American comic books. His costume consists of a plexiglass dome that works like a one-sided mirror in which he can see out but no one can look at him. He is also a proficient hypnotist. The character has appeared in numerous Spiderman cartoon and video games. He will make his first debut in 2019 which is Spider-Man: Far from Home, in which Jake Gyllenhaal will play the role for Mysterio.

Mysterio does not have any special powers as he is not a mutant but he is given computer-generated effects rather than real ones. He was learning how to be a villain while Spiderman was learning how to be a superhero. His magnetic boots allow him to fly like a spring in the air and climb anywhere like Spiderman. The helmet which is worn by Mysterio is literally amazing because it can release paralyzing gases which can hallucinate the people around. He can also mix other gases for the desired effect. It paralyzes for 30 minutes.

But the most interesting part is that there is a protection system inside his helmet in order to be safe from his own gases. As a former stunt man, he can really compete with Spiderman in that case. Mysterio will add some drama in the next Spiderman sequel. His attempts to become an actor were poorly received. It will be more interesting to know that Mr. Quentin Back has completely skipped the hero stage and entered into a supervillain in the comic books.

Once Mysterio fooled everyone that Spiderman has robbed the museum but actually it was done by him only. The last time we saw Quentin Back in the role of Mysterio where he puts a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He has been fooling people for his fake death. Mysterio’s suit helps him as aid. His costume contains nozzles in the boots and wrists which release smoke in order to hide him. After Mr. Quentin Back the second Mysterio was Daniel Berkhart which was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru. He first appeared in 1975 in The Amazing Spider-Man. He wears all black with a green neck brace that produces blue smoke that envelope his face wholly.

After watching a trailer of Spiderman: Far from Home maybe he will be creating his own monsters in order to get more fame than Spiderman. Once upon a time, Jake Gyllenhaal was about to replace Tobey Maguire as Spiderman but obviously, that failed to be. He resembles somewhere like doctor strange because he seems to be mystic in the trailer. Gyllenhaal will prove all the controversy this year by appearing in a pretty cool blasting way.

Well, the upcoming movie Spiderman: Far from Home is somehow based on Quentin Beck. Jake Gyllenhaal in the trailer seems to be heroic for some time or maybe at the beginning with a great cosplay and he appears as hydro-man. It also seems that Gyllenhaal is going to resemble the softer side of Beck in the movie; it will be super exciting to watch something which is completely out of the box. Mysterio can be a hero in this movie because of certain speculation although he is mystic, we know that but due to his amazing powers and he his quick in his actions as he can track the elements beforehand.

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Kevin Brown
20 April, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 April, 2019

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