Ultimate Tips for Norwegian Fjord Cruises

 Kevin Brown

Norway's attractiveness will take your breath away, with its charming mix of natural sights and cities steeped in history and culture. A cruise is a perfect way to explore the country, to the heart of Norway's most energetic cities and as the sailing courses take you up close to majestic fjords.

The fjords of Norway are magical to visit and are regarded as some of the world's most impressive natural wonders. Formed from the ice age, they're made up of vibrant blue waters, mountain tops, and waterfalls -- along with a fjords cruise gives you the perfect vantage point to view them in their finest.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises Best Time to Go

The peak time of Norway cruise season is from June through August. But the voyages begin in May and run to September. There isn’t really a “best” time for Norway cruises because you can visit any time of the year. The difference is you will experience different seasons in Norway.

If you are a nature lover or a professional photographer, autumn is the season for you. All the trees will just start to shed their leaves after turning them into hundreds of different shades of red, orange and gold.

The most popular time to travel fjords is summer, the weather pleasant and temperature ranges from 25-30 degrees. You’ll have whole daylight to explore everything Norway has to offer.

Cruising in spring is very similar to that in summer except for the fact that it will be much colder at that time. Winter will just have finished and the rivers, streams, brooks, and waterfall will be roaring with waters.

A lot of Norway’s towns and villages can only be reached by sea in the winter months only when the roads become totally snowbound. For a completely different view of Norway, you can book yourself in winter on one of these ships to see ice hotels and most importantly the Aurora Borealis also known as Norwegian fjords cruise northern lights.


Be prepared for the expenses!

Norway is remarkably expensive for the Americans and even the Brits. Food prices especially are much higher than most travelers are prepared for. This means you might want to take your big meals to the cruise to save for more affordable snacks and treats.

Must try local foods.

Do not miss out Norway’s local food. Your travel to Norway won’t be considered complete if you haven’t tried Norwegian waffles with jam made from local berries. They also serve waffles with the region's caramel-flavored brown goat's cheese. Fish markets in many ports sell more than just fishes; there you can get samples of elk, reindeer, and whale from the vendors.

Plan your activities with flexibility.

Norway is an amazing place for outdoor activities like kayaking, biking and hiking (when it's not raining). Weather can be very varied and often wet, so always have a backup plan in case of icy weather. Take an advantage when the sun is out, and, if it's raining, don't hesitate to push back an activity. Very often a rainy day will turn sunny later on (or vice versa). Also be sure to pack a rain jacket and umbrella, and dress in layers of clothes.

Take your kids onboard with you.

Norway is a family-friendly place with lots of kiddie areas in museums and shopping stores. Aquariums, train-rides, and interesting parks will add more fun to them.

What to pack?

Whether you have cruised on other cruise lines before or not, cruise with Norwegian cruise line will be a totally different cruise experience for you especially when it comes to how to pack.

The best advice on how to pack for a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise is, leave the dressy clothes, high heels and fancy jewelry at home. Try to pack for a tropical vacation: swimwear, flip-flops, a hat, sunscreen, and casual wear. The whole packing thing depends on in which season you are going.

Now you’re ready for a cruise!

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