Damman Airport - Area & Everything Else You Need to Know

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Dammam is one of the biggest cities of Saudi Arabia – the home of Islam, also serving as the capital of the Eastern Province. Dammam has been an upcoming city since quite a while and continues to grow into an industrial hub of Saudi Arabia. The major religion of the city, as it is all over Saudi, is Islam. Blessed by the rule of King Fahd who ruled Saudi for more than two decades, Dammam grew into a major educational and research hub, along with being responsible for being one of the highest oil producing cities in the country.

Lately, Dammam is being recognized by yet another reason, this one slightly different from the others. The King Fahd International Airport, commonly known as Dammam Airport, is the largest airport in the whole wide world, having a total area of 776 square kilometres! The airport is bigger than the city of Bengaluru, as well as the country of Bahrain! This article describes the details of this huge and magnificent airport in the outskirts of Dammam. Get ready to know all the unbelievable facts this airport brings to us and we assure you a jaw-dropping time.

King Fahd International Airport

Get ready to know everything about the terminal of King Fahd International airport – the largest terminal in the world. The terminal has six stories, all used for various work activities such as departures, arrivals, boarding etc. The terminal offers various services, both religious and luxurious. The airport was one of the firsts in Saudi to have duty-free shops. The shopping area includes facilities such as shopping, restaurants, bank branches, cafeterias etc. There’s a children park under construction and will be open for use in a few months.

The airport has a mosque inside, along with prayer rooms at various intervals in the terminal, a site common to see in the Middle-East countries. The grand mosque is built at the roof of the car park, having wonderful architectural designs that is a combination of both modern art as well as old Islamic style. The airport is also planning to come up with a hotel (a 250-room Hilton Hotel) in the airport area, along with a pedestrian bridge linking the hotel to the airport.

Also existing is a Royal Terminal, which is reserved for the members and personnel of the royal family.

Dammam Airport Arrivals and Departures

The IATA code of the airport is DMM, and is one of the busiest airports of Saudi. Various major airlines are in operation at the Dammam airport, such as Air India, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and FlyDubai. The airport has more than fifty destinations. Here is the list of major destinations you Dammam airport possesses.

  1. Alexandria

  2. Delhi

  3. Kozhikode

  4. Mangaluru

  5. Dhaka

  6. Cairo

  7. Dubai

  8. Addis Ababa

  9. Abu Dhabi

  10. Jeddah

  11. Bahrain

  12. Kathmandu

  13. Hyderabad

  14. Mumbai

  15. Thiruvananthapuram

  16. Amsterdam

  17. Muscat

  18. Kuwait

  19. Frankfurt

  20. Beirut

  21. Islamabad

  22. Lahore

  23. Karachi

  24. Sharjah

  25. Istanbul

  26. Manila

  27. Medina

  28. Riyadh

  29. Colombo

  30. Baku

These are thirty of the major destinations King Fahd International Airport possess. Along with these, there are tens of other domestic destinations the airport offers. The airport, as you already know, is huge and can accommodate more than just a fifty destinations. The airport is all set to get busier as the years pass by. Lots of airport projects have been laid down and the airport will get more and more destinations and airlines in the future.

The airport has two runways, having a length of 4,000 m or 4 km each. The width of the runways is 60 m each. The car park of the airport is also one of the salient features of the airport. The total area of the car park is a whopping 176,752 m (1,902,540 sq ft) accommodating around 5,000 cars. The busiest international route at the Dammam airport is Dubai, followed by Cairo, Bahrain, Istanbul, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Muscat and Mumbai. Jeddah and Riyadh are the busiest domestic routes.

With that, we conclude our article. The King Fahd International Airport has created history by being the largest airport in the world, along with having the largest terminal airport in the world. With super high level of luxury and growing passenger traffic, this airport is all set to be the next big thing as far as airport fame, popularity and use are concerned!

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