White House Christmas Decorations 2018 Will Leave You Awestruck!

 Kevin Brown

White House Christmas Decorations

Christmas is just a few weeks away and the entire world has already started decorating their houses, offices and surroundings. There’s just this special happiness one gets by decorating their places during Christmas time. The joy, the anticipation, the togetherness and simply the positive vibes Christmas and everything related to Christmas gives us. The best part about Christmas is that it is not just about Christians or Jesus worshippers. It’s for everybody. There’s just this universal celebration and is one of the most peaceful times in the year, worldwide.

Not just the people, but even the government officials and the politicians are right into the celebratory mood. Why shouldn’t they be? After all, they work all year round and are immensely vacation-deprived. The White House celebrates the holy festival with grand themes and parties. The Trumps, just like the Obamas, aren’t shy of grand decorations at the House and so will happen this year. Do you know how our President and the First Lady celebrated the festival last time around? The White House decorations in 2017 were extremely grand, being the first time the Trumps were in charge. Don’t expect a drop in the grandness, people. It is going to be just as grand, if not more.

2018 White House Christmas Decorations

The 2018 White House Christmas Decorations will be unveiled and is just a few weeks away and just like you, even we are eagerly waiting for it! Well, we do know a thing or two about the themes and colors which will be used, but we’ll just keep you waited for a while. Why, you ask? Let’s first take a look at the 2017 decorations to have a clue at what might be done this time around. This is what all happened last time around.

“Time-Honored Past”, as the First Lady said, was the theme of the decorations. The decorations included a tree tribute to the Gold Star military families. Along with that was an official White House Christmas Tree full of glass ornaments having the seal of each territory and state. President Ronald Reagan’s china and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1866 edition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ also made their classical appearances. The dessert stole the show, and watered everyone’s mouths. The gingerbread house was baked with a whopping 300 pounds of dough! Ballet dancers had made their amazing performances in front of the First Lady, with applauses from all over the hall. The White House would host more than a hundred open houses, serving 25,000 visitors on public tours.

White House Christmas 2018

Enough about the 2017 decorations, it’s time to focus on what awaits us a few weeks from now. Remember we told you that we know about the 2018 decorations already? Well, we’ll just tell you now. The theme is blood-red! That’s highly unlikely, especially seeing blood-red colored Christmas trees all over and around the White House. The others might be weirded out or plain and simple angry over this ‘unnatural’ choice of color and theme, but it has also received applauses and praises for being different and attractive.

“Everyone has a different taste”, Mrs. Trump told the media. Well, social media certainly didn’t respect the First Lady’s ‘different taste’. Memes have been flooding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and there seems to be no end to that. However, we all know Melania Trump won’t care even a bit about the memes and dislikes. Why would she, after all? She has all the right to have her choice come out in the form of reality, so what if it’s in the biggest premise in the world.

Well, the youngsters especially, are in love with this theme and some of them can’t seem to get enough of it. Many have vowed to follow the theme in their own houses. After all, the world nowadays hates clichés and love to be a bit different. Blood-red Christmas trees are certainly different and more so, are attractive!

Well, even though the tree color was the headline of the decorations, they certainly won’t be all. We’re assured of more big and grand decisions as far as the decorations are concerned. As it goes, this is surely going to be one of the most different themes to the holy festival. What more do the Trumps have in store?

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