Mexico Travel Advisory for Americans

 Kevin Brown

“Not until we are lost do we start understanding ourselves.” American poet Henry David Thoreau was spot on with this remark. Travelling is the easiest and happiest way to get lost, isn’t it? You look at the scenic beauty of a place, fall in love, wonder about how positive life is at that very moment, probably holding the hand of the love of your life. Of course you’re lost in all the happiness and satisfaction.

People love to travel to places which offer scenic beauty. Mexico is one such place. The blue waters, less crowded beaches, breathtakingly beautiful hilltops and a pleasant climate makes one want to go to Mexico as soon as possible. However, as far as Mexico is concerned, travelling might come with a price. Mexico, as we all know, is one of the most unsafe countries in the world, despite all the beauty and tourism. The crime rate of the country is high as opposed to other North American countries and certain areas are extremely dangerous, even for the locals. Hence, the US travel warnings map is made available for you especially for your Mexico travel aspirations.

Crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery are widespread. The American government is unable to provide help and protection in most of the Mexican areas, and are prohibited to use the US-Mexico road border route and interior Mexican roads, apart from travelling in the day on the Highway 15 between Nogales and Hermosillo. The latter can hardly be useful for the American citizen in Mexico.

Certain states of Mexico have been rated as the most unsafe for travel, due to unbelievably high crime rates. The following are the list of those states marked unsafe for travelling by the US travel warnings map.

1. Colima State.

2. Guerrero State.

3. Michoacán State.

4. Sinaloa State.

5. Tamaulipas State.

Apart from trying to avoid the abovementioned states, you should try to abide by the following points suggested by the US travel warnings map for your safety, before travelling to Mexico.

1. Avoid driving at night and use toll roads as much as possible.

2. Be extra watchful when in night clubs, local bars and casinos.

3. Take a look at the updated Crime and Safety Reports of Mexico.

4. Be careful of your surrounding when using ATMs.

5. Sign up to the Smart Traveller Enrolment Program (STEP). It’ll help you receive alerts and notifications on your tour and make it easier to locate you when in dire straits.

6. Do not make it visually possible for people to know that you might be rich. For example, put away jewellery or branded watches.

7. Follow the Department of State on social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter to get updated alerts.

8. Be ready with plans to tackle emergency situations.

With the abovementioned suggestions, we hope that you’re now aware of the threat travellers possess when touring Mexico. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and travelling to the country would only make you happy. So, make sure your travel is free from danger and allows you to come back home with only a sense of happiness and satisfaction and nothing else. Use the US travel warnings map to full effect and have a blast down in Mexico.

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Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
Kevin Brown
13 July, 2019