Top Romantic Cheap Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

 Kevin Brown

It is the dream of every married couple to have a honeymoon at an exotic holiday destination. But after having a really expensive wedding, it is not possible for most of us to live this dream. Most of the popular honeymoon destinations we come across on social media and advertisements are too costly. However, those who have the habit of researching, know that there are some really cheap holiday destinations out there that are not known to many. Well, your search for budget-friendly destinations has brought you to the right place; I have made a list of some cheap honeymoon destinations from all over the world. So, no need to research further, just dive into this blog and choose a honeymoon destination that suits you best.


When we think about a honeymoon in Indonesia, Bali is the first name that pops up in our head. But trust me, Bali is not for everyone. It is really expensive. However, there are many other picturesque islands in Indonesia that no one knows of. You just need to do some serious research to find out these places in Indonesia. Komodo, Ora beach, Banyuwangi, Banda islands, Lake Toba, Togean islands, Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, and Belitung island are some of the examples of such places.


Those who are looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon in Western Europe, Ireland is the best option for you. There was a time when Dublin was considered very expensive holiday destination but times have changed. You can easily afford a couple honeymoon in Dublin now when the prices have dropped down significantly. I am quite sure you will fall in love with charming Irish villages, castles, and vibrant green stretches if you just google Ireland. Ireland is living heaven on the earth. You can get a cheap bed and breakfast accommodation throughout the country.


Portugal is one of the most beautiful coastal countries best suited for budget-friendly holidays. The beauty of Portugal lies in its ancient castles, endless olive groves, quaint fishing villages, and scenic urban neighborhoods. Portugal is especially preferred by golf lovers because of their best golf courses in the world. What makes Portugal best for a cheap honeymoon is inexpensive accommodations, affordable dining, and low rental car rates.


Hawaii is like the dream holiday destination for every human being but most of us keep that dream hidden in some corner of the heart thinking about the huge budget you need to visit Hawaii. I have good news for you guys. There are places in Hawaii like Oahu Island which are beautiful and best for a budget-friendly honeymoon. On Oahu island, you can find accommodation to suit every budget. On the northern shore, you can find Ke Iki Bungalows for a luxurious and budget-friendly honeymoon. Not just accommodations but eating out is also quite cheap on Oahu island.


Thailand is Southeast Asia’s favorite holiday destination. Its tropical paradises like Ko Samui and Phuket are known not just for their scenic beauty but also for affordable accommodations. Tough competition between hotel chains has brought prices down all over Thailand. These hotels offer an array of world-class facilities to the newlywed couples in nominal rates. Flight rates in Thailand are also quite cheap which makes it really easy to explore all the tourist destinations in Thailand.


Australia is everyone's old favorite when it comes to holidays. Australia is known for its wide range of accommodation, dining and travel options to suit every budget. Australia's vibrant landscapes, stunning beaches, beautiful deserts, and warm hospitality is the perfect formula to make the honeymoon memorable for newlyweds. You can enjoy morning scuba, go fishing, or just have a peaceful time on one of the finest Australian beaches. Some of the popular places you can explore in Australia are, the Whitsundays islands, Melbourne city, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, the great barrier reef, kangaroo island, and Kimberley. All these destinations have their own beauty and specialty; one should choose places to visit depending upon their interests.

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Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 July, 2019
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