10 Best Places to Visit in Canada – A Proof That Really Works!

 Kevin Brown

Top 10 Places to Visit in Canada

The best 10 places to visit Canada is the only reason why it should be in your priority list to visit. However, you will surely get some satisfactory feeling after visiting the following places.

Niagara Falls

The specialty of the Niagara Falls is that it is the composition of the three waterfalls; however, the most famous waterfall is Horseshoe Falls. Whereas, the flow rate, as well as the height, makes the falls look fabulous. It will be best if you have a family trip at Niagara Falls. For a better view, you can visit at Queen Victoria Park, from there the fall are illuminated and wonderful fireworks are noticed during the summer nights.

Victoria and Vancouver Island

Plan out a day to Victoria’s picturesque Inner Harbor and you shall be able to visit popular sites like the Royal British Columbia Museum and Whale watching as well as some good eminent cafes and restaurants. After you are done with visiting at central Victoria then you should spend some quality of time at Butchart Gardens or maybe enjoy a ferry ride to nearby Sooke. Make sure you do not miss out visiting Cowichan Valley, where you will get to visit many small vineyards offer tours and tasting.

Quebec City

This city is known as the oldest walled city of North America and if you are traveling with your partner also fond of some magic, romance, and all French stuff then you should visit this city. You can visit the famous The Citadel if you wish to relax and have some quality time then visit Battlefields Park. Also, visit scenic Terrasse Dufferin for a long walk with your partner.


The city of Mary is another name for Montreal. In order to spend your first few hours in a good way then you should visit Vieux-Montreal after that Downtown Montreal and Chinatown should be in your priority list. After that, you should explore the area around Park Mont-Royal and Le Plateau. Do visit Plateau Mont-Royal which is known as the home for some amazing street.


Are you crazy for clubs? Well, then you should visit the following clubs Moe Joe’s, Maxx Fish and Tommy Africa’s but make sure that during the weekends you get into these clubs before 10 pm. However, during the summers you will come across some street performance, outdoor patios, and markets.


Toronto can be summed up in the following cleanliest city, happiest people and the better grub. If you are a coffee lover then you should visit Sam James Coffee Bar. Do visit the CN tower as it is one of the renowned buildings. For shopping, it is recommended to visit West Queen West. You should definitely get there during the morning for pastries and sandwiches.


This place is a combination of history and local life. However, the spring season is the ideal time to visit Ottawa. National Gallery of Canada that is situated with its twin towers rising from an octagonal building. Dominion City Brewing is a place where you can chill out in the tap room and have a beautiful view while reading the newspaper.


You will experience a short summer and long cold winter during the whole year. Here, you can literally have clean air that will make your visit worth a while. The Rocky Mountains are very close to Calgary so that is the best advantage of visiting Calgary. Whereas, Kensington, Mount Royal and Bank view all consists of stupendous restaurants and an energetic atmosphere.


By visiting Halifax you can do the following things: Waterfront, Canoeing, Farmers’ Market, Hiking at Point Pleasant, Skate Rentals, Harbour Ferry, McNabs Island, St Paul’s Church, Clock Tower, Street Art, Public Gardens and Fairview Lawn.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

The Famous Bay of Fundy is known as the home of the world’s largest tides due to the beautiful nature and unique shape o the bay. Whereas, the height of tide is 50 feet approx or in a layman language size of the 5-story building. So please do not get surprised if you experience any drastic highs and lows while your visit.

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Kevin Brown
20 July, 2019
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14 July, 2019