Top Tactics to Avoid Overspending on Amazon Prime

 Trent Hamm

With free two-day (or faster) shipping on millions of items, along with a host of other benefits, Amazon Prime offers plenty of generous membership time- and money-saving perks to offset the $99 annual fee.

However, the added convenience of a Prime membership can quickly lead to overspending. With one-click checkouts and the chance to have the item you want delivered within 48 hours, it's easy to be tempted to buy things on a whim, resulting in impulse spending.

Here are six simple strategies to help curb impulse buys on Amazon Prime.

1. Add your desired item to your wish list. While it's easy to buy an item with just one click, you can always click the "Add to List" button instead. That way, you can keep tabs on the items you want, and review it later. Plus, someone might use that wish list as a tool for selecting a gift for you at a future gift-giving occasion.

2. Delete your credit card information. While having your credit card information stored in Amazon is an added convenience, it's also opens the door to lots of impulsive buying. By deleting your credit card information from the site, you can make that impulse buying a little more challenging, take a few moments to really reflect on whether you need the item and avoid spending on a whim.

3. Unsubscribe from deal alerts and sales emails. Amazon offers many different email subscription options featuring daily deals and special offers. These deal-focused alerts are often populated with items you don't need, but are dangled at enticing low prices. Resist the urge to buy products you don't need by unsubscribing from those emails.

4. Switch off one-click ordering. Another useful trick for moderating your purchases is to turn off the one-click purchasing option on the site. Go into your account settings, choose "1 Click Settings," and then choose to disable it. By turning off this option, you can reduce unplanned purchases. That gives you a little more time to reflect on the purchase before you commit to purchasing items that you might not really need.

5. Build a habit of conducting research and comparing prices. If you're going to buy something on Amazon, make it a requirement for yourself that you research the item elsewhere. Spend some time looking at other reviews, and evaluate whether it's an item that you need, weigh the cost-benefit of making the purchase and assess if it's worth its price.

6. Take advantage of free benefits. With Amazon Prime, members can enjoy lucrative perks beyond fast home delivery service. For example, you can enjoy free music and video streaming services and discounts on select family items, such as baby food and diapers. What's more, with Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, Prime members can also benefit from discounts on grocery purchases with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and reduced prices for select items. And in some cities like Atlanta and San Francisco, Amazon is offering complimentary delivery service for orders totaling at least $35 or up. So, make sure to seize upon freebies and price before overpaying for items and services included in your membership.

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