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SKIN + BONES Parallel Practices in Architecture, Fashion and Art

 Vanessa Bellemore, Hannah Chapman, Michelle Kals
Description: We are living in a fascinating era. Concepts-those useful tools that help us to orientate ourselves in life- are getting more unruly. They are expanding and mutating, merging with one another and receding; and in the borderland between them lie many of the keys to the reality that intimately and broadly surrounds us. The borderland between art architecture and fashion is perhaps the most explosive. Architects are using the techniques of fashion designers, fashion designers work is being understood and exhibited in art galleries and the circle, or weave, continues.
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Domain: Afterhours
Category: Fashion
SKIN + BONES Parallel practices in Architecture, Fashion and Art
/ program
/ critcal and historical table pages six to eight
/ artmaking assessment: the hood
/ student samples of the hood
/ artmaking assessment: oscillations pages fourteen to sixteen
/ student samples of oscillations

Authors:Vanessa Bellemore, Hannah Chapman & Michelle Kals Burwood Girls HS 08

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