OSRS Last Man Standing Beta Begins with $18 off Rsorder rs07 gold

 Jamie Jones
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This week sees the release of a beta for the Last Man Standing revamp. Currently the Last Man Standing OSRS beta has been opened in 5 worlds, and you could read the details below to learn some changes.

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OSRS Last Man Standing beta in 5 worlds

In the official State of PvP blog in May, a number of changes that could be made to dramatically improve LMS have been discussed. Those changes designed and implemented by Mod Roq and Mod Maz need to be tested, and five OSRS LMS beta worlds (401, 405, 407, 409 and 412) have been opened to offer Last Man Standing with the new changes.
The Last Man Standing beta takes place on a Tournament/Unrestricted world, meaning that you won’t have your regular save profiles. The player attack option will be set as “always left-click” by default. You will need to set your F Key options each time you log into the beta.
The following OSRS LMS worlds will become normal worlds for the duration of the beta: 425, 317, 326, and 393.

Changes in Last Man Standing OSRS beta

Upon login into the beta, you will receive a random set of stats, and these will be boosted to 99 except for Defence which will be changed to 75. You will start with a full tribrid setup. You will no longer receive loot from locations such as drawers and cupboards - only chests. These chests will now require a key to be opened.
In addition, there are some proposed rewards for Last Man Standing OSRS:
Deadman Armour
Trouver Parchment
New God Halos
XP Rewards
Games Played/Won Cosmetics
3 Speed One-handed weapon
Guthixian Icon/Staff of Balance
Staff of Paralysis
In LMS only cosmetics
Negative XP Lamps

What do you think about these changes in Last Man Standing OSRS beta?

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