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Firstly, if you’re reading this article, congratulations! We hope you are blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby. The latter is so obvious, isn’t it? All babies are the most beautiful and adorable creatures on Earth. Now, we do realize why exactly you need our help. Parenting, despite all the excitement and positivity, can be a challenging phase. Many dads or to-be-dads are quite scared of the fact that they’re going to be a father, responsible for an individual! Well, we understand you being scared or being afraid of failing as a father. So, here we are to the rescue! We’ll make sure you are the most successful father ever! So, sit back and relax as we give you a list of parenting books for dads which will undoubtedly help your cause.

‘Daddy Doin’ Work’ by Doyin Richards

The main feature of this parenting book for dad was trying to bridge the gap between motherhood and fatherhood. Doyin Richards is a famous blogger and he accumulated his blog contents to some of his other work and formed this book. Strong stuff presented in an entertaining way is just the way to describe this book. Give it go!

Manhood for Amateurs’ by Michael Chabon

Pulitzer-prize winner Michael Chabon penned down this irreplaceable guide for newbie or to-be fathers. From memories from his own childhood to his bold and honest outlook towards manliness, Chabon has filled every page of this book with interest, knowledge and a tad bit of emotion. Absolutely worth buying!

Best Parenting Books for Dad

‘The Expectant Father’ by Armin A. Brott

This masterpiece by Brott is arguably one of the best on parenting books for dad for the first twelve months of the child’s birth. The book is divided into twelve chapters, each covering an entire month. The book deals with all the physical, verbal and psychological changes the babyfaces in his/her first twelve months. Along with it, the book also deals with the emotional and psychological changed a father goes through for the same period. We highly recommend this book if you want to be ready for the most important as well as challenging phase i.e. the first year!

‘Parenting with Love and Logic’ by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

Cline and Fay came out with this extremely logical and easy-to-understand book, indexed for easy reference. This book guides you to raise self-confident and tough kids, ready to face the real world. The book, though, has a religious background to it. It mentions the Christian methods in every chapter, some of them quite extreme in its views. However, if one skims over it, this book might just be helpful for you as a father!

These are descriptions of some of the top parenting books for dads. Most of these books have been critically acclaimed and hence we’ve selected the best from the list for you. We hope you recommend this list if it helped you, so we can help other newbie dads. All the best for this beautiful journey called fatherhood!

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