Party Favor Ideas for Kids: Ideas that Entertain

 Kevin Brown

Are you looking for unique party favor ideas for kids? Look no further, we are going to introduce to you some of the best party ideas that will keep engaging your kids the whole day.

Party Favor ideas for 8 Years Old:

Being parents, there are many responsibilities on your shoulder to do something for your kids good. Here, we are going to discuss the party favor ideas for 8 years old. if you are indeed bothering your kids, you should imitate these party favor ideas for kids to make them happy.

Offer Books:

It is said that books are a great friend. And it’s not false. It’s undoubtedly true. Books play a key role in building your kids a bright future. Books can lead your kids to their goal. For the coming party, offer them some motivational books that can motivate them. It is a great idea to involve books in the party theme. You can ask all guests to come with their favorite books for the party and share with other kids. Ask your senior guests to have some encouraging speech to encourage the kids.

Origami Kit:

It is the best party favor ideas for kids. Consider throwing a party for your kids. But what ideas are you going to implement to make your kids laugh? Buy an origami kit for your kids. Call your kids and ask them to unfold this kit. Tell them to make six animals using the stickers. All the details are inside the kit on how to make animals? Through this party activity, your kids learn to connect not to break.

Mini Piggy Bank:

The mini piggy bank is indeed an innovative party favor idea for kids. It is very important to explain to your children the importance of money. Involving a mini piggy bank is a great idea to teach money saving to your little ones. So if you really want your kids to save money at an early age give them this mini piggy bank as party favors. There is one coin slot on the top. It has also a rubber stopper at its bottom. The parent can give their kids this small and cute mini piggy bank and make them happy.


Pompoms are very suitable for the party, especially for the kid’s party. Buy pompoms from the market. You are supposed to get toilet tissue tubes and wrap it with blue or red construction papers. Ask your kids to adorn them with Silver Star stickers. Then after, cut those blue, red, and white papers into long and narrow strips. Afterward, fix the strips to one end of the tubes to keep pompoms shaking.

Party Favor Ideas For 10-Year-olds

Chocolate face game:

For some people, chocolate face game is a very simple party favor idea for kids but it is fun doing this activity. It is very engaging for kids. It looks simple but yet interesting. In this activity, your kids to place a bit big piece of chocolate candy in your mouth and wait until it melts down. You are supposed to check how much time it takes to melt. Kids are not allowed to suck the piece of chocolate candy. Kids are also not permitted to chew as it is a breach of the rules. The kid who can keep the piece of chocolate candy in the mouth for a long time is going to be the winner of the game.

Party Crackers:

You can also include this party favor idea for kids in your lists. Party crackers are suitable for your party theme. It is a very simple process of making party crackers. Pick up an old paper towel roll. Cut the towel roll into half. Put some favors like eraser, stickers, tiny toys, and wrapped candy inside it. Fold the filled paper towel roll and place it in the party wrapping paper. You should twist the wrapping paper each side and tie with some colorful ribbons. Party crackers are ready for your kids.

Frozen party box:

It is a very popular party favor idea for kids, especially for the girls. Nothing to do, send princesses home with a frozen party box. Anna and Elsa are the favorite frozen characters. The frozen box contains a hair comb, whirly pops, a bubble wand to give surprise to kids. These things are very easy to assemble and very cost-effective too.

Ending up…

We have unfolded some of the most unique party favor ideas for kids that will be loved by your kids. These ideas will play a huge role in any party.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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