Petanque Rules: How to Play It?

 Kevin Brown

Petanque is also popular as Bouls. It is an outdoor game played on a firm surface. Petanque is very popular amongst the people of France. as it was first originated in the south of France. Today, we are going to introduce the common Petanque rules.

Petanque game can be played in the park, yard, gravel, running track, etc. the flat surface is appropriate for playing this game. A few bumps on the surface can make a task more challenging.

Petanque History

Before petanque rules, we will peep into the petanque history. This game was first originated in 1907 in La Ciotat province in Southern France. In ancient time, the Greeks generally used round stones. They threw a round stone so far as per their capacity. Contrary to that, the Romans played with a wooden ball which was covered by iron. They sometimes used coconuts too. The Egyptians mostly prefer to play with a ball. It was confirmed that the concept of this game was inspired by the ancient Egyptians.

It is said that smelling the popularity of this game during the Renaissance, Charles IV, and Charles V outlawed this game. They claimed that this game was distracting the mind of people and keeping them away from the nation’s interest.

Petanque Court

Before petanque rules, we will discuss the Petanque court is basically rectangular. It is 15 meters long and 4 meters wide. This is an official dimension for both national and international championship. This is a standard size of Petanque court. Petanque court is generally built in the natural area. If you build Petanque court for home, the ideal dimension of the court is 12 meters long and 3 meters wide. Let’s talk about petanque rules are below down…

-Petanque game is played on an open space.

- As per the Petanque rules, the team who scores 13 points at the end of the game is a clear winner and no matter, how many rounds are remaining.

-The players are split into two teams. How many bouls are used? It depends on the number of players play in the game.

-Each team is allowed to play with three players. They all are given a chance to throw the bouls.

-At the beginning of the game, the coin will decide that, which team starts the game first?

-The team who wins the toss will start the game. They are going to make a small round circle on the floor. You can buy a circle from outside which is made of plastics or metal. But it would be better to draw a circle with your foot is an easy idea.

-According to the petanque rules, no players are allowed to throw their bouls out of the circle. Each player is supposed to throw the bouls staying inside the circle.

- The participants should throw le cochonnet 6 to 10 meters far from that circle. If you fail to do so the next time, you may have to throw the bouls harder than the previous one.

-The opposite player is supposed to throw the bouls very close to the cochonnet to win the game.

- There are some petanque rules for throwing the bouls. The players are restricted for running before throwing the bouls. You can’t take the running position.

-Your whole body must be inside the circle during the process of throwing the bouls.

-The players must not get outside the circle until the boul lands on the ground.

- The players throw the boul with full force so that the boul can land close to the jack and hit it.

-Both teams are given chances to throw the ball one after another. The process of throwing the boul closest to the jack continues until one team dominates the opposing team with the highest points.

-There are many rounds in one game. The round is called off when both teams finish their bouls.

- As per the Petanque rules, if the player throws the boul and it goes out of the boundary that throw will be considered as a foul. You are not given a point for that.

-At the end of the game, the team who throws the maximum bouls closest to the jack and reaches a total of 13 points is declared a winner of the game.

Wrapping up…

These petanque rules will definitely remind your childhood memories. The rules of this game are easy to learn. People of all ages can try out this game.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019