Places to Visit in Hong Kong: Prime Tourist Attractions

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Hong Kong is the favorite destination for tourists. There are countless places to visit in Hong Kong. Before we start exploring the places of Hong Kong lets know something about the culture of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an administrative region of China. It is situated to the east of the Pearl River on the south coast of China. Hong Kong has a population of roughly 7 million people. It is an official language is Cantonese. It is widely spoken across Hong Kong. Cantonese people are in majority there. Most of the people follow Cantonese culture. There are some people who have adopted western culture also. You can call Hong Kong an epic center for various types of foods. Hong Kong is heavily influenced by western culture this is the reason you find the combined flavor of Chinese and western cuisines.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

If you are planning for a trip with your family, add Hong Kong in your list. There are many best places to visit in Hong Kong. Take a look at below some amazing places.

A Walled Village:

There are some villages in Hong Kong which are roughly 500 years old. They have their own history. The villages are mostly known for their formation. If you are in Hong Kong you can still find defensive walls and ancient halls. It is an amazing experience to explore ancestral villages. You will be dazzled by the beauty of a walled village.

Victoria Peak:


Victoria peak is a wonderful creation by engineers. It is 396 meters above sea level. Victoria peak is the prime attraction of Hong Kong city. Victoria peak has all quality which makes it one of the most stylish towers in the world. There is a number of restaurants, shops, and all entertainment stuff inside the Victoria peak tower. The sky terrace offers you a stunning view of this city.

Victoria Harbour:

Victoria Harbour is one of the most natural places to visit in Hong Kong. It is located on Kowloon Island. It offers you a stunning look of Skyscrapers. The symphony of light is considered as one of the world’s largest permanent lights in the world. Guinness world records declared the symphony of lights as the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. Victoria Harbour is surrounded by roughly 40 buildings. The live music show also gives you glimpses of Hong Kong culture and its diversity.

Tai O Fishing Village:

Tai O Fishing Village is located on a river. If you ever happen to tour in Hong Kong please visit this village. It offers you a lot of amusement. You can also learn about the culture of people who have been living here for years. They live in stilt houses. The narrow lanes are used for selling fish. They build shops along with lanes to sell day–to- day items. It is a must-see place in Hong Kong.

Man Mo Temple:

You can also include Man Mo Temple in a unique place to visit in Hong Kong. There are many ancient temples in Hong Kong but Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest temples amongst them. It is a tribute to the god of Literature is called “Man” and the god of war is called “Mo”. Its incense –shrouded interior offers a divine view.

Temple Street Night Market:

It is another one of the most fascinating places to visit in Hong Kong. Tin Hau temple is located in the center this is the reason the street is named Temple Street. Temple street is always crowded even you don’t have footing. This is the busiest flea market. People in large number flock this street. Tourists from all over the world visit the temple street night market every year. You can buy a variety of wingless insects from this market. Buying and eating such types of fleas are strange for us but locals are crazier after these insects. They believe that these fleas are full of nutrition.

Wrapping up…

In this post, we have introduced to you some of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. If you ever happen to land in Hong Kong doesn’t forget the above-mentioned places to visit.

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