Road Trips Across the US: Leave for a Family-Friendly Trip

 Kevin Brown

It is going to be a classic adventure if you plan for a great family summer road trip across the USA. So it may be the right time to hit the road with your family. We are going to take you the best American road trip routes.

Best Road Trip Destinations:

Are you prepared for the best road trip destination? Pack your languages, prepare some light breakfast and take your family with you to experience an amazing road trip. If you are a bit puzzled don’t worry we are going to help you plan for a classic road trip.

Nashville to New Orleans:

If you are family passionate about different types of music then you can take them to Nashville is very famous as Music City. A large number of people come here to make their trip memorable. This is the perfect place for a family trip. You can name this trip as the music-themed trip. This city attracts lots of visitors throughout the year. Many things make this city worth-watching. There are many spots which can amuse kids such as a Music Hall, Museum, Songwriting classes, and the most interesting things Scavenger hunts. People in large number gather for the summer concert. This is a complete family-friendly concert.

Utah’s scenic byway highway 12:

This is the best family-friendly summer road trip. Scenic byway highway 12 is very noted for the family road trip. It is also termed as “A Journey through Time Scenic Byway” you can also enjoy Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. Also, see the stunning views of Anasazi State Park, Kodachrome Basin, and Petrified Forest along with the highway. The road is quite able to offer a pleasant feel. It is great to see the rugged landscape around the highway.

Route 66:

Route 66 is very famous for a family-friendly road trip as compared to other road trips. It is a very exciting trip. Taste the delicious foods at eateries on the way. Visit the old Joliet prison along with the road trip. Take a visit to various ancient museums. Stop your road trip halfway and have a rich dinner along the way.

Pacific Coast Highway:

If you want to enjoy the ocean with tides and coastal scenery, the Pacific Coast Highway can offer all these kinds of stuff. It is situated in California. It starts in San Francisco. You can stop your trip and enjoy coastal towns such as Monterey, Big Sur, Malibu, Santa Monica, so on along the way. It is a thrilling experience to drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. This road trip is going to be proved a fun trip as they can enjoy seeing whales jumping in Monterey, have a glimpse of beach life at Malibu.

Seward Highway:

Seward is the perfect family-friendly trip to those who love nature. We are dam sure that when you are on the way of Seward Highway you will feel as if you were in a different world. Seward The highway has all elements to attract the traveler. It includes glaciers, the snow-capped mountains along with the highway. Apart from this, let us enjoy the amazing view of the flowing river. Stop at Chugach National Forest, the Glacier Lake, and Bear Creek. The best way to plan to stay overnight in Seward Highway and get an opportunity to visit Kenai Fjords, National Park. You can have an innovative dinner by catching fresh fish from the lake. Catching fish and prepare dinner is a great moment to carry away with you forever.

San Juan Skyway:

San Juan Skyway is a loop that will give you a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of Colorado. Indulge in the beautiful surrounding such as peaks, lakes, and dense forests. During the trip, you will feel as if you are cuddling these surroundings. On the way, you will dash with many small towns will compel you to stop there. Ouray is also known as the Switzerland of the US due to its pleasant spring. In Durango, go for a trip on a steam train. You can do some kayaking there. It is a great time to be with your family. Take a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. It is a historic park where you can be familiar with park history. It is one of the best road trip destinations in the US.

Wrapping up…

If you are looking for the best family summer road trip across the US, here we have introduced to you the best road trip destinations for your upcoming family trip.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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