Rules of Pool and Guide to How to Play Pool Game

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The Main Motive of the Game

The ultimate motive or object of the pool game is to pot all the ball.

Number of players

The game can be played with two or more players.

Equipment for the Game

  • Table

  • Ball

  • Cues

  • Chalk

Generally, the table should be of 9 feet by 4.5 feet. There should be 16 ball in which a cue ball, seven striped ball, seven solid ball, and one black ball.

Rules of Pool Game

  • Before the game starts, place the ball in a triangular shape and it should be situated at the lower end of the table. This will help to maintain the position of the apex ball on the foot shot.

  • Whereas the white ball should be placed behind the service line.

  • However, one can maintain the order of the ball randomly except the black 8 ball.

  • If the team has been newly formed and it’s their first game then a coin toss should be done in order to decide, who will have the first turn?

  • After that specific breaks should be decided for turns of the players.

  • The player must be careful while striking the ball. He or she should ensure that ball hit the cushion and cue ball should not enter or does not go down in the pocket.

  • A player when pots an object ball then that player has to further pot the ball of the same category and the other player have to avoid that ball of a category, further need to set a goal for the other category ball to pot.

  • Shots will be continued during the game until there is a foul and fail to pot the game.

Following are the situation which is considered as foul during the game:

  • When a player fails to hit his or own object ball.

  • Hitting the cue ball in such a way that it gets out of the table.

  • When the object ball of the competitor is potted.

  • A player hits the cue ball twice in his or her turn.

  • When the ball are not hit by the cue ball.

  • The cue ball is touched by anything but not a cue stick.

  • A cue ball is intentionally pushed rather than striking it.

  • Two turns back to back are taken by the single player.

  • If any of the above situations occurs then the competitor can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.

  • Once all the ball are potted then they must take out all the 8 ball. After that note down in which pocket they previously intended to pot all the ball.

  • If the players pocketed the ball which were not nominated for them then this game will not be considered.

How to score?

The scores are not maintained in this game. However, in order to declare the winner, the players have to play over a number of games and then the player who wins a previous game more than the competitor will be the winner.

Tips to win the Game

  • The main focus must be on the contact ball and not the path.

  • Try to clear the blusters as soon as possible you can which will be better for you later on during the game.

  • There might be such ball that would block the path of the other ball then in order to solve out this problem move the ball that comes in the way by hitting them.

  • When there is no way for your goal then play safely because your cue ball should not enter the pocket. This should be done when there is the worst situation and you are left with no option.

  • Do not aim a single shot but try two shot together so that if one fails the other will help be beneficial to you.

  • Play in such a way that your ball block the path of the pocket which then will be difficult for your competitor.

  • Observe your opponent’s playing skills and wisely decide how you will compete.

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