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Should I Worry if I am Served with a Subpoena Related to Work?

 Kaplan Morrell
Description: A subpoena is a court process often issued in workers compensation claims proceedings. Kaplan Morrell has been helping thousands of workers understand the subpoenas served to them. Call us at (866) 356-9898 for your free consultation.
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Denver Disability Attorney - Should I Worry If
Am Served With A Subpoena Related To Wor

What is a
A subpoena is a court process, a formal writ. Parties
in litigations before judicial bodies such as Workers
Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) may ask the
court to issue subpoenas to secure the production of
documents. This is called subpoena duces tecum.
Likewise, a subpoena can als ... See more
KaplaN Morrell
18 June, 2016