Signs of Bad Parenting and Ways to Fix Them

 Kevin Brown

Who doesn’t wish to be the best parent of the world huh? Every parent wishes to give their child the comfort, happiness and everything in their control. They never wish anything bad to happen with their kids. But in the process of parenting, parents unknowingly make mistakes which in later stages, affect the child’s brain adversely. This comes under bad parenting. It is a series of actions that seriously harm a child’s psychology. There are several reasons and actions that make you a bad parent.

Here are a few examples of Bad Parenting-

The definition of bad parenting doesn’t mean a single act of poor nurturing but, a series of actions that unintentionally harm the child. Let’s take some examples of this.

A Child is Scolded even if he/she spoke the truth

If a child did something wrong and accepted his mistake or doing courageously, you scold him/her for their mistake. You don’t look into the fact that your child was honest enough to accept his mistakes. It can create a negative impact on your child.

Scolding or punishing your child in front of everyone

Another sign of bad parenting when you scold or punish or even hit your child in front of others either because you are angry on someone else and spitting your anger on your child or your child did something wrong. This happens when you lose your patience. You don’t see that the other people are either your neighbours, siblings, brothers, sisters or grandparents. This feels embarrassing to your child.

More and More Advice but less Encouragement

It isn’t a bad thing to advice your child to do the good things, but you only give advice like “You should wake up Early in the morning to gain better grades” instead of encouraging them like “You are smart enough, I will help you to wake up early in the morning”. You should always encourage your child for his works.

Don’t support your child when he needs you the most

It is assign of bad parenting when you don’t support your child when he needs you the most. It could be a time of his examinations or project work when your child needs the most support from their parents. At this times, you feel more conscious about your work and don’t pay attention to your child.

Always Comparing to someone else

It is said that “snowflakes are all beautiful in their own different way” and so your child is. It’s good to set positive role models for your child, but comparing them with their siblings, neighbour or their classmate, is a sign of bad parenting.

Never get proud of their achievements

You show no joy or excitement when your child comes to you bearing prizes won by him in competitions. Child feels the happiest and proud when their parents are proud of their achievements. Instead, you make them achieve more, advise them to do more, this isn’t enough.

You don’t have time for your child

You don’t take time to have a conversation with your child. You are always busy with your work and don’t pay attention to your child when they have something to say. You ignore your child’s feelings at a time when you’re busy. Children usually have more fun when they play with their parents. But, you ignore them.

You are being too overprotecting towards your child

You try to protect your child from every imaginable danger out there but forget that this will make them weak and fearful in future. Because of this, your child will always be afraid of taking risks, trying new activities and even achieve success in his life.

You don’t trust your Child

You don’t allow your child to make decisions because you think that they will make the wrong ones. You have a lack of trust in them. You don’t believe them when they say something.

If any of these habits apply to your parenting habits, then you need to reconsider yourself of taking care of your child. Children are sensitive in every little thing. They always try to become just like their parents. But as parents, you don’t wish to be a bad example for your child right? Think and act again wisely. There are many signs of bad parenting, set an example of good parenting now, because your child in the future will only give your reference to others.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019