Spike Ball Rules – How to Play Spike Ball Game!

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At the present time, you can find lots of online games equipped with latest features. There are many twists and turns while playing, this is the reason why people have gone crazy after such types of online games.

Have you ever heard about the Spike ball game or have you ever tried to know about the spike ball rules? Nowadays, Spike ball game is very popular amongst the people who love playing games. They enjoy this game in their spare time. To play this game in a proper way, you need to learn and follow the Spike ball rules. It is fun playing this game.

Let’s Peep in the Spike Ball Rules along with Spike Ball Set

Before we talk on the Spike ball rules we discuss on Spike ball history and spike ball set in a nutshell. How it is set up? The spike ball kit contains a playing net, drawstring bag, 3 ball, and one rule book. This game is mostly played in the meadow.

A glance at Spike ball history:

Spike ball game was first discovered by Chris Ruder in the 1980s. He is the CEO of Spike ball. At the outset, the Japanese entertainment company started marketing this game. But unfortunately, the popularity of this game did not last any longer. Apart from that, the equipment of this game got expired. After this debacle, Christ Ruder used his hand on this game. With a view to giving this game a new high, he left his day job and paid his full attention to the marketing of this game. As a result of his persistent efforts, finally the game got popularity and the credit goes to Chris Ruder.

How to Play Spike Ball Game?

This game is very popular in America. In this game, you can find a blend of volleyball and Foursquare. It is a very exciting and challenging game. There are two teams, each team involves two players. As per new rules, one team can play with three players with new Spike ball XL set.

The basic spike ball rules:

According to Spike ball rules, four players are allowed to play this game. Each team has two players. Spike ball includes a yellow ball, which is lightweight and bouncy. It is a little bit larger a softball and smaller than the ball used in Volleyball. The field is provided equally 360 degrees to each team. At the beginning of the game, players are supposed to stand around the net.

The Spike ball rules have been taken from Volleyball. At the starting of the game, one team passes the ball to the opposite team, while passing your ball must be bounced off the net. Then the ball goes to the opposite side. Three ball touches are allowed. The process continues until the ball bounces on the net twice. If the ball goes out of the play, the opposite side will be given one point. If a serving team loses a point then the ball is passed to the rival team.

After receiving the ball, the opposite time has three chances to volley the ball and spike it back. As per Spike ball rules, each team is given three chances to hit the ball and give it back to the opposite team. It is not mandatory the players must hit the ball thrice, two hits are also allowed. The ball must not be hit twice or thrice by the same player.

A team is supposed to achieve 21 points to win the game. Points are given on each passing. In case, the ball hits the ground, the opposition team is awarded one point. If your ball hits outside of the net or hit the edge or pipe, in this case, your opponent is given one point.

When the ball is in play, players are free to move around the net. After getting a point, players are supposed to get their own position back. Once the ball is passed the player can change their position. If your opponent stands far from the net then spike it softly so that they cannot reach the ball. If your rivals are very near to the net, that time hit the ball harder so that they can’t judge the ball.

Spike ball game is becoming more popular in other countries also. Those who like to play Volleyball will definitely like this game. Once you learn the Spike ball rules you can play this game with ease.

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