Thailand Places to Visit: Best Tourist Attractions

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Thailand is a south-eastern Asian country. There are many places to visit in Thailand. Thailand is known for many reasons. It is also popular for its tropical beaches, ancient Buddha temples, and royal places.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is the best tourism spot for a large number of people. People in large number visit this beautiful city every year. If you are looking for the best Thailand places to visit then look no further, we are having some of the most amazing lists of Thailand places to visit.

Things to See in Thailand:

There are abundant things to see in Thailand. Thailand welcomes millions of people every year. You can experience heavenly feeling visiting the unique place in Thailand. Thailand places to visit such as majestic beaches, and pleasant beaches.

Places to Visit in Thailand with Friends:

Take your friends to Thailand as it is the perfect destination to have a lot of fun. So, check out our guide on the best Thailand places to visit.

Koh Tao:

It is the best Thailand place to visit for those who like to explore things undersea. You can enjoy the blue water. It is going to be a great experience seeing Whale Sharks closely. Whale Shark is one of the largest fish amongst the other species of Whales. It is an appropriate spot for scuba dive. It is also a cost-effective place to visit. Koh Tao should be in your bucket list when visiting Thailand. Apart from this, there are many things which can keep you engaging. You can dive into white sand beaches with the snorkel. Moreover, there are numbers of night parties organized. You can enjoy a variety of beverages along with a bonfire.


Pattaya is the best Thailand place to visit. The central attraction of Pattaya is its streets. The nightlife of Pattaya has its own vibe. The night clubs are full of crowd. There is no footing. This place suits all your needs. Come with your friends and indulge in doing some mad activities. You will have each moment are great. You can attend the night musical concert with your friends with abundant branded beverages. There are many bars along with the beaches where you can enjoy some peace with light music.


Phuket is the perfect spot for the people who believe in living life to the fullest. There are many palm trees around the beach. Come with your friends here and enjoy basking under the sun rays. It is nice to have a sip of beer and forget yourselves for a while. You can come here both times night or evening. Both give you amazing pleasures. Phuket would be an amazing place for those who are crazy about the party. There are many night clubs, beer bars, and strip clubs. Bangla road is the best place to have a party all night. There won’t be any dull moment throughout your stay at Phuket. Involve in stylish rooftop bars and hang out the whole night.

Unique places in Thailand:


Pai is a beautiful village situated in northern Thailand. This place is known for its beautiful valleys and pleasant atmosphere. This can be the perfect place for globetrotters. Those who are interested in exploring new things around the world must visit this village. You can explore this village by trekking also. It would be an unforgettable experience to visit this village on foot. Spend some time with Pai River and indulge in beautiful waterfalls. Take a visit to the elephant’s camp and see different kinds of elephants there.

Kaho Sok National Park:

It is one of the most beautiful wildlife spots in Thailand. Kaho Sok National Park is considered to be the must-visit Thailand place. This National Park covers many spots such as forests, rivers, lakes, and limestone Karts. This place allows you to explore so many wildlife things. You can find a variety of animals such as wild boar, bears, barking deer, and elephants. There are various types of monkeys like gibbons, langurs, and pig-tailed macaques.

Wrapping up…

If you are looking for the best Thailand places to visit we have provided a unique list of the best tourist spots in Thailand. If you ever happen to visit Thailand don’t forget to take a glimpse of these tourist attractions.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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