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The Invention of Self-Propelled Vehicles

 Aiden Michael, JR Gage, Mr. Drake
Description: The Old Days: Modern cars were made in 1886 by Karl Benz. The Duryea brothers made 13 cars by hand in 1896. Henry Ford sold the most cars in 1910 using mass production so cars were affordable. How are they made now? Materials: aluminum,steel,and fiber. Parts: roof,mirrors,doors,bumpers,headlights,and hoods. Today cars are made in factories. Producers must first plan, then design a car. They build prototypes, test them, and then assemble them. Problems: At first horses were spooked by the loud sounds cars made. There were many accidents caused by spooked horses. Cars emit a green house gas which is bad for nature.
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 Karl Benz built the first modern car in 1886.
 Before 1676– they were toys for emperors.
 Then came along steam powered vehicles .

 439 years ago vehicles powered them selves [there were

no motors, people power them].
 A simple gunpowder engine was the first engine.
 The Ford Model T ... See more

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