The Rise of “Mommy and Me” Trend in Fashion Industry

 Kevin Brown

Do you remember how the pics of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy wearing matching Gucci dresses broke the internet? Well, mini-me fashion trend is not new anymore. Many celebrities are embracing this trend and dressing their baby girls in scaled-down versions of their favorite outfits. Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham two of the many popular celebrity mothers who have been spotted following mini-me with their offspring. The Internet is full of pictures of the mother-daughter duos wearing coordinated dresses and you can’t deny how adorable these pictures are.

Many times we see a cute children’s outfit and you wish it was available in your size, well, leading brands have heard you. Many of the world’s famous brands are launching their signature adult dresses in kid sizes and vice versa. In old times, mothers used to stitch dresses for their children from the leftover fabric of their dresses. At that time no one would have thought that it would become one of the most famous trends someday.

Mini-me trend got its name from the character of the tiny doppelganger played by Verne Troyer in Austin Powers movies. At this moment this trend is followed by mothers from all over the world. We spend most of our time on social media and we share almost everything that’s happening in our lives with the world through pictures. As you know, search for a perfect Instagram picture has become a universal issue. For mothers, twinning with their daughter is the perfect recipe for a stunning insta picture because internet loves these pictures.

Kardashians play a major role in making coordinated family outfits popular. We have seen the Kardashian and Jenner sisters wearing the same outfits more than we can count. And who can forget the Kardashian tradition of wearing matching Christmas pajamas? There is an emotional component to the mini-me trend. Many relationships experts believe that wearing matching dresses evokes a sense of belongingness among family members. And that seems true because if you think about it you would never like to wear matching dresses with someone you don’t have an emotional connection with, right?

There were times when children had no take on fashion and even parents were not concerned about kids fashion. But due to the increased exposure to the internet kids are getting more and more aware of fashion and even parents are becoming sensitive about their children’s clothing style. There has been a rise in the number of mothers requesting matching outfits for their kids and it has caused caused many famous brands to turn their focus towards kids fashion.

Brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana have launched special Mini-me clothing line which is very well received by the world. It’s a visual treat to see little ones walking the catwalk in matching outfits with mamma. If you research a little you will find that the mini-me trend is not new, it existed in past also and it keeps coming back. We should not forget that in 1969, Christian Dior launched its baby Dior line which had small versions of adult pieces.

A mother loves it when her daughter looks like her splitting image and this is why mommy and me dresses trend has entered almost every house on the planet. Mothers are fishing for compliments by posting the adorable mini-me pictures with their daughters on social media. Mother-daughter matching dresses are available in all price ranges at online stores. Mommy and me fashion is not just limited to dresses, you can get matching pajamas, leggings, skirts, maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, swimsuits, and sweaters in this range.

These matching outfits are generally designed keeping requirements of both, mother as well as a daughter in mind. The daughter’s clothes are generally super soft, comfortable and do not have any zips, buttons or hooks that can cause any kind of discomfort. This is important because children are easily irritated if they feel uncomfortable in their clothes. Mothers dresses are designed keeping in mind the style statement women desire to make with a piece of clothing.

If you have a baby girl then get yourself a set of mother daughter matching dresses and ensure all eyes on you at every event.

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