Thrift-Store Shopping Tips and Tricks

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9 Shopping tips while shopping at the thrift store

If you don’t know about how to shopping at the thrift store then these tips are useful for you to shop at the thrift store with high money savings.

Finding the thrift stores

Thrift stores are mostly joined with charity program. Most of Thrift stores give some or full percentage of profit to the charity. You have to find the best thrift stores near to your area from helping with Google. Some of the major thrift stores have multiple locations in the city you can check the locations from the respective thrift store’s website.

Make a list before going to the thrift store

Making a list before going to the thrift store is save your time. You can make a list for which items or products to buy, their colors, materials, measurements. You can make a to-do list before going shopping. Pinterest is a super good tool. You can save a similar item in this tool and check it at the store.

Do shopping in the middle of the week

On weekend day heavy rush in the store so, you can’t explore all the products in the store very carefully. If you are not like the rush then defiantly you come home without buying a single product. Wednesday or Thursday is a better option than a weekend for shopping at the thrift store.

Take at least 30 minutes to each thrift store for the shopping

For finding the best and cheap product you have to give at least 30 minutes to the one store, but if you are a shopping lover then there is NO LIMIT for YOU! There are lots of products in the thrift stores, you have to explore them with the specified time limit, you couldn’t explore all the products. So, go to the thrift store when you have sufficient time.

Make a good relationship with the store’s employees

Making good relation with the employees of the store it helps you out to take more discounts on products. Employees of the store know about when new merchandise will come and when the big sale will come to the store, so good relation with employees helps you out for getting bigger advantages. In thrift stores, they are do not show sales clearly, so good relation with employees helps you out for a bigger sale.

Always first test the products and then buy

In the thrift store you have to remember that always test or try the product first and if you feel comfortable with the product then you can look up for the purchasing. In case of clothes first check the sizes that are fit you or not, for that you can head up to the trial room. After that you have to look at the clothes and check pockets for tissues and dirt, Check your piece of clothes for cleanliness, and check the smell of clothes, If anything you found not suitable for you then you have to head up to next one!

Ask for a discount if a product is broken or damaged

In thrift store when you look at the particular product and you liked the product and the product is little damaged or broken and you found it is useful for you then you have to ask for a big discount on that product.

Go for shopping often at the thrift store

In the thrift store good and super quality product arrived at any of the days and if you don’t miss that particular opportunity than you have to visit the store often. So, go regularly to the store and you can find something super saver product at the time.

Things you have to never buy from the thrift store

Some of the items or products at the thrift store are not buyable. Here, is the list of the products which you have to never buy from thrift stores.

Makeup kit, Helmet, Mattress, Children’s safety product, Running shoes, Halogen lamps

So, these tips will help you while shopping at the thrift store.

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