Top Fashion Magazines in the World: Change Your Fashion Sense

 Kevin Brown

In this article, we are going to discuss top fashion magazines in the world. Fashion can help you define your mood. Sometimes, your positive mood also can define your fashion sense. Your clothing shows the level of your confidence and attitude.

Fashion means you feel comfortable and relaxed with what you wear. Fashion shows the culture of different types of people. Everyone has their own taste in fashion. You might have found many aspiring models using their fate in modeling but failed in the very beginning due to lack of knowledge in fashion. We would let you know the top fashion magazines in the world. There are many fashion magazines available in the market but they are filled with celebrities and useless gossips. Read the fashion magazines which are worth –reading and must provide with fashion knowledge.

Vogue Magazine

There are many top fashion magazines dump in the market but there is only one magazine that rarely needs an introduction is “Vogue Magazine” arguably the most appreciated fashion magazine in the world. It is very famous all over the globe. With the advent of Vogue magazine in the fashion world, the world has witnessed massive change in fashion. Vogue was published in 1982. With time, this weekly newspaper has become very popular amongst the readers and it was turned into a fashion magazine. Women are at the center of this magazine. This magazine focuses on women only. Vogue magazine still dominates the fashion world.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar was published in 1862. It is located in New York, USA. It is very popular in many countries. This magazine generally focuses on the upper-middle class. The magazine is published in around 32 countries. The contents of this magazine are well-informed, spicy, and provocative. This magazine publishes the latest trends in fashion.

GQ Style

GQ Style is another cutting-edge magazine for men. This magazine was published in 2005. The magazine only focuses on men’s fashion. It also focuses on the ideas of men culture and style. Though it is published twice a year people are waiting impatiently to read this magazine. The publication focuses only on men’s latest fashion trends. You can also search for videos and articles online.


Cosmopolitan is a very noted magazine for women. Women are in the center. Cosmopolitan is known as “Cosmo”. It is a global magazine. You can find the women-oriented contents in this magazine. In the beginning, it was published as a family magazine in 1886 later it was turned into fashion. The magazine publishes contents such as fashion, relationship, sex, feminism. Cosmo continues its dream run in the fashion world.


BOF full name is business of fashion. It started in 2007. Imran Amed launched this magazine. He is a fashion business advisor and writer. The business of fashion magazine has many followers.BOF has earned loads of subscription in a very short time. Its authoritative content involves an agenda that is called “The Economist of Fashion”


W is an American magazine which was found in 1972. It is very popular for its authentic contents on celebrity news, culture, fashion, and lifestyle of people. The rights of this magazine were bought by Conde Nast. The contents of this magazine are very engaging. Readers can easily engage in reading the contents as they are thought-provocative. This is the reason why W magazine is becoming very popular day by day. Due to its controversial columns


Allure is another very famous American magazine. This magazine generally focuses on beauty, health, and welfare for women. This beautiful magazine was launched by Linda Wells in 1991. Allure is on transition period over the next few years. The magazine went through many changes in culture and contents. The audience of Allure magazine is very loyal and committed to it. it is enjoying roughly 8 million viewership online and 5 million subscribers.

Winding up…

We have introduced to you the top fashion magazines in the world. Every aspiring model should read these above-mentioned fashion magazines to learn fashion sense.d

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
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