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In 2019, new cars are equipped with the latest features ready to hit the stage of the automobile world. With the changing time, many automobile companies make constant changes in the car’s features periodically to deliver something new to those who are crazy after branded cars. In the coming days, there are many cars are going to be launched in India 2019. Let’s collect the details of the latest features of upcoming cars in India 2019.

The List of Upcoming New Cars in India 2019

Mahindra New Rexton

People are eagerly waiting for upcoming new cars in India 2019.Mahindra is well prepared to launch Mahindra new Rexton G4 very soon. Mahindra’s earlier launch of Rexton in 2012 did not live up to the expectation of the buyer. Mahindra new Rexton G4 is expected to launch in April 2019. It is also estimated that it is going to cost 19 lakh. It is a little bit different than its earlier launch. Like all typical cars of Mahindra, The new Rexton grille has many similarities to XUV 500 and Scorpio.

The new Rexton has been equipped with projector headlamps along with daytime running lights on either side. The SUV owns cornering lamps along with 20-inch wheels, which are manufactured by combine metals. They are 4,850mm lengthy and 1,960mm wide. Wheels are small in size in comparison to the Ford Endeavour. But it seems to be larger than its earlier cars. It is even larger in dimension than the Toyota Fortune. It is obvious that the SUV which is large in dimension has more interior space. It is also expected that new Rexton has contemporary features with the current trends.

Hyundai HND 14

Hyundai HND 14 is going to be launched in near days. Hyundai represented the HND 14 concept at the 2016 auto expo. HND 14 seems to be masculine look vise in comparison to the other Hyundai cars in recent time. It also looks like a typical SUV as it has bulging wheel arcs, short overhang which is a similar typical SUV. It is strengthened by Hyundai 1.2-litre petrol and 1.4-liter diesel engine, connected with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Its expected price is around 6 lakh.

Toyota Rush

It is expected that Toyota is going to enter with its new car ‘Toyota Rush’. The rise in popularity of compact-SUV has enforced other automobile companies to launch cars with the latest trends. There are six or seven seats available. It is powered by a 1.5 litre petrol engine and 1.4 diesel engines. Toyota rush costs you 7 lakh roughly.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia is a hatchback car is based on VW Polo platform. Skoda auto is also associated with VW group. The new introduced Skoda Fabia will be stabilized by 1.4- liter petrol 1.5- liter diesel engine. There is a seating capacity of 5 people having 5 door hatchbacks. Its expected price is 5.4 lakh. It is very similar to the price of the Polo.

Audi S7

You can find already Audi A7 and RS7 in the market. After the success of these both models, Audi S7 is introduced to the buyers very soon. Audi S7 is a blend of A7 and RS7. It is powered by a 4.0- litre V8 petrol engine that can stir 450bhp and 550NM. It is very expensive. It cost 80 lakh.

Volvo New S60

Volvo is introducing its new sedan “Volvo new S60”. It is heard that it is still under testing before it is launched. It has all the features that suit the family car. It is similar to V90 In terms of design. It owns rectangular grille and Thor hamper headlamps. S60 has strong steering wheel, good table infotainment system along with sufficient space for leg movement. Volvo is going to unveil the S60 sedan in June. But it takes time to be launched. Its price is estimated at around 40 lakh.

India is desperate for these cars to be launched as early as possible. The upcoming cars in India will definitely blow the buyer’s mind with its latest features.

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15 September, 2019
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