What Is Belgium Famous for? Wonderful Things from Belgium

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There are abundant delectable places in Europe but Belgium has its own beauty. It is a sovereign state in Europe. Today, we are going to reveal what is Belgium famous for.

Get some time from your hectic schedule and get ready for the perfect gateway in Belgium. There are many fascinating things you might not aware of. Belgium is known for many things such as different types of beers, delicious chocolates, and fries. Let’s have some unknown facts about Belgium.

French and Dutch are both official language in Belgium. Both languages are widely spoken by locals. The French language is mostly spoken in Wallonia in the South whereas Dutch is spoken in the Flanders region in the North. They are known as Flemish. Brussels is located between these two regions.

Belgium Famous for Chocolate:

What is Belgium famous for? Belgium is famous for chocolate. Those who love eating a variety of chocolates, Belgium is the perfect place for them. Belgium is very famous for making a wide array of chocolates. Belgium sells the most chocolate in the world. Zaventem airport attracts more travelers to taste various types of chocolates. It sells 1.6 kg of chocolate per minute.

Belgium is known for organizing different kinds of party. Belgians are always in a party mood. Wide arrays of parties are taken place. We will talk about the most-discussed energetic festival in the world. This festival takes place in the town of Boom, which is near Antwerp. There are other festivals also held in Belgium such as Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, and Couleur Café.

Belgium is also famous for precious diamonds. It is also called the diamond capital of the world. A large number of people visit Antwerp the second largest city in Belgium. It is a populous city in Flanders. It possesses the second-largest port in Europe.

Belgium is mostly known for different kinds of alcoholic beverages. The beer of Belgium is very famous for varieties of beers. Beer bars in Belgium are always open. There is no fixed time of closing down. You can enjoy whenever you wish whether it is morning or night. You are given good treatment in the bars. All traveler are welcome in a hospital way.

Another famous and noticeable thing in Belgium is the longest tramway in the world. This longest tramway is known as “The Belgium Cost Tram”. This tramway stretches 68 kilometers between Knokke Heist and De Panne, from the Dutch border to the French border. This tram stops at 69 places. In the hectic situation, the tram runs every ten minutes.

People in large number flock in Belgium as there are large numbers of castles. You can find roughly two castles in every village of Belgium. Belgium has many castles but Gravensteen castle is one of the most historic castles. It is a wonderful castle. You can see the stunning view of Ghent city at the top of the castle.

Belgium Famous Food:

What is Belgium famous for? Belgium is also noted for its delicious foods. The regional dishes attract many travelers. Junk food is a favorite amongst the people. People will be amazed by consuming these mouth-watering cuisines.

Belgian fries:

Belgian fries are also termed as the national food of Belgium. People are made after fries. You can find fries mostly in all the restaurants. It was not originated in France as it was invented by Belgian. People avoid calling it French fries. The process of making this fries is simple and easy to prepare. It has to pass through two types of frying process to make the inner and outer crunchiness perfect. People love eating crunchy fries. The best places to try are Fritkot and Maison Antoine.

Grey Shrimp Croquettes:

You can also enjoy sea-food there. Sea-foods are included in the special dishes. Grey shrimp croquettes are very crispy and delicious cuisine. This mouth-watering cuisine is famous in Belgium. It looks crispy from outside but easily melts down in your mouth. This dish is available in almost every restaurant in Belgium but Les Petits Oignons is the best place to try this delicious cuisine.

Ending up…

We hope you shall have known what is Belgium famous for? Belgium is indeed a worth watching destination as there many things to do. If you ever stuck there, explore Belgium’s famous things with your friends or family.

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