Why Joaquin Phoenix is the best Fit for the “Joker” Role?

 Kevin Brown

The joker is unarguably the most iconic villain of all the times. When the new Joker movie separate from DC Extended Universe was announced by Warner Bros almost a year ago, fans from all over the world came up with many casting choices, and Leonardo DiCaprio was on the top of everyone’s list. But finally, in July 2018, Joaquin Phoenix was selected for the role of the “joker”. Considering the series of challenging roles Joaquin has played throughout his acting career and his gritty tone, he seems a great choice for this role.

This movie is going to be the standalone movie that will just focus on Joker’s origin story. It is the story of a failed standup comedian, Arthur who turns to the life of crime out of frustration and become the clown prince of crime. The actors who have played the role of joker before has channeled their inner darkness to make this role memorable, we have the example of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicolson. Considering this, someone with tragic past is best suited for this role. Joaquin Phoenix has seen fair share of tragedies and adversities in his life. At one point his family was a part of a sexually abusive cult called “Children of God” and his siblings had to perform on streets to earn money. He also has witnessed the death of his older brother River who died due to the drug overdose. Such dark past has helped Joaquin before in some of his roles and it will serve him well for the role of Joker as well.

Throughout his acting career, Joaquin has performed in historical epics, biopic, romantic films, science fictions, period dramas, indie dramas, family comedy but this is the first time that he is starring in a comic book movie. From what we know till now, this is going to be a standalone film without any sequels or spinoffs which will allow Joaquin to do something unique with the already iconic character of Joker.

Joaquin has received appreciation for his roles in Her, You were never really here, Don’t worry, He won’t get far on foot, Inherent vice, Walk the line, Gladiator etc. Playing such diverse roles has proven the acting potential of Joaquin Phoenix which is why most of the joker fans think that Joaquin Phoenix joker will be as iconic as Heath Ledger's Joker. His portrayal of an evil king “Commodus” has earned academy award nomination and displayed his ability to play dark characters.

In spite of being a low budget movie, the impressive star cast of the movie has raised audience’s expectation from “Joker”. Todd Phillips, who is known for directing “The Hangover” will be directing this movie. The screenplay of the movie is written by Todd Phillips along with Scott silver. The academy award winner Robert De Niro is going to play an important role in the movie, a famous talk show host who has a major contribution in sending the joker down the path of darkness. Brett Cullen will be playing the character of Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. Zazie Beetz, star of the Deadpool 2 and Atlanta will be playing a single mother who attracts the attention of the infamous clown prince.

The jaw-dropping success of Marvel movies is forcing DC to try something different and new. Joker(2019) can help DC universe make a strong and powerful comeback and beat MCU someday. Todd Phillips has announced that the production work of the movie has been wrapped for now. All the fans are eagerly waiting for 4 October 2019, to experience once again the thrill, Gotham city’s clown prince of crime brings to the screens.

It not easy to get a great hero but a great villain is truly hard to come by, DC’s Joker is one such villain and actors like Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger has taken this character to new heights. We are well aware of the acting potential of Joaquin Phoenix and we know for sure that he is going to let us down.

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Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
15 September, 2019
Kevin Brown
14 September, 2019