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World Car Trends 2016

 World Car Awards
Description: Three key drivers for connected mobility- New safety features, autonomous driving and smartphone integration are the three key drivers for connected mobility. Safety-related driver assistance features see strongest momentum in 2016- New safety features have grown strongly in acceptance following technological improvements. Connected Mobility: Autonomous Driving- Autonomous driving has arrived in reality and will soon be available in series production cars. Autonomous driving increasingly visible in global media- 2016 brings an all-time high due to tech shows (e.g. CES, Mobile World Congress, etc.) and individual events. Autonomous cars in series production are expected within the next 3 years.
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World Car Trends 2016

“The New Technology Market Race”
New York, March 2016

Management Summary
Our expert panel agrees that connectivity will be the key trend of 2016. The vast majority
(78%) consider it to be a key factor when they evaluate new cars – this is an increase ... See more

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