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5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator | Buying Guide

The Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators of 2019

If you have selected this blog to read, then am sure enough that you are looking for the Best Counter Depth Refrigerator, you are at the right place. We’ve been reviewing Counter Depth Refrigerator for over seven years, testing their features and performance to help you to decide which is ideal for your space and budget.

Such type of refrigerators is proliferating in this modern world, and it is super easy to observe why. There are convenient double door opening which makes them incredibly versatile, while they are packed with advanced features and unique innovations.

As you are highly concern about your food, shelves and crisper drawers, then it is less likely that you will forget about the food and cut down of the wastage and it is but evident that access is much easy than a side by side refrigerator. We tested several counter depth refrigerators and following are the five best counter depth refrigerator:

Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator: GE PFE28PSKSS Profile 27.8 Cu.

Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator GE PFE28PSKSS Profile 27.8 Cu.

Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator: GE PFE28PSKSS Profile 27.8 Cu.

Why do we like French Door Refrigerator?

While we were testing several refrigerators, GE Profile Smart Counter Depth Refrigerator was the best model in our test and outstanding at maintaining consistent temperatures. GE profile is known as a reliable brand with a unique factory service. Beyond its notable performance, it is packed with stupendous features like built-in Keurig K-Cup coffeemaker, voice control with the help of Amazon Alexa and it is Wifi enabled.

Electrolux EI23CS35KS: Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Electrolux EI23CS35KS: Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Electrolux EI23CS35KS: Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Why do we like Counter-Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator?

This Refrigerator with IQ Touch controls is not just a beauty, but it can feature lots of high-end features. Think of the lighting that comes on gradually, sliding shelves and also an energy-saving Vacation mode. At the end it is more than just a pretty face, i.e. it is a powerhouse, providing consistent temperatures in the Refrigerator and colder temperatures in the unique meat keeper drawer. But there are some drawbacks: While we tested this Refrigerator, it was observed that the head of lettuce wilted at the shelf and got crisper in the course of a week; secondly, freezer shelves are not adjustable, and the stainless steel finish would not hide the fingerprints. It features a total capacity of 26 cubic feet.

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator: Black Stainless 4 Door Family Hub

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator: Black Stainless 4 Door Family Hub

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator: Black Stainless 4 Door Family Hub

Why do we like Counter Depth Refrigerator?

If in case Samsung’s goal was to create the most modern fridge on the market, then their mission has been accomplished with this Refrigerator. Its four-door flex built already felt like a logical and desirable evolution from today’s traditional French door stylings – this fridge takes it and adds in a 21.5-inch touchscreen loaded with apps, unique inventory watching cameras on the inside and a fantastic black stainless steel finish. This Refrigerator is beautiful and a futuristic appliance that helps to push beyond what we expect from typical fridge design. There is a fridge camera which will snap a picture of your groceries each time you close the fridge then just press the “View Inside” button at the touchscreen and you will be able to see the latest set of images with a complete option to drag a small countdown icons over a specific ingredients in order to help the expiration dates. All you have to is download Samsung’s app on your Android or IOS device, and you will be able to view the inside of the fridge and all of your set timers while you are out at the store. 

KitchenAid Stainless Steel: Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid Stainless Steel: Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Why do we like KitchenAid Stainless Steel Refrigerator?

This fridge can bring a stylish look to your kitchen as it features counter depth configuration, industrial style, knurled bar handles and stainless finish. But it requires high maintenance, just bring it to your home, and you have to clean off fingerprints regularly. If in case you wish to have a smooth appearance on the outside, then this fridge is perfect for you. You would not experience any ice or water through the door, but then that is a matter of personal taste. While we were testing this fridge, we found that the crisper drawers can be rough to open and also tend to get stuck. They keep humidity in but also produce a chance of freezing in there and rendering it inedible. There is a deli drawer that opens from the top, and then you can adjust its temperature, but it can also freeze your cold cuts. It has fewer wire drawers, and they are not spacious, and a significant portion of it is devoted to the ice maker and also the ice bin.

LG French Door Refrigerator

LG French Door Refrigerator

LG French Door Refrigerator

It has a collection of best features to manage in order to maintain your home’s food storage. For instance, the ice maker has been moved to the door on this model, and it is a plus point because a lot of ice makers on French door refrigerators take up the top shelf on one side. It is designed in a way that so you can access the entire top shelf. The quality and quantity of shelving with this fridge is excellent. In this modern era, the refrigerators feature a spill-proof shelf to keep liquids from running off the edges, but this fridge also has on a folding tray that can easily collapse to fit all the tall items. The designers of this fridge also tried to squeeze in a little extra shelving at the face of the ice maker. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide

How to select the Best Counter Depth Refrigerator?

It’s going to be one of the big decisions if you are willing to buy a large appliance and asking the following questions can help you to get the ideal counter depth refrigerator. Before you select following are some questions that you need to answer.

What is the Refrigerator’s total capacity?

The total capacity of the Refrigerator is mentioned accurately in cubic feet, but it does not include drawers, shelves and other sections that can take up space. Now the question arises that your groceries can fit into the capacity that is available, you are supposed to consider this before you select the Refrigerator. Generally, side by side refrigerators are available with large fridge spaces, but they also feature tall as well as narrow shelves. On the other hand, it can be challenging to fit the larger items such as sizeable frozen pizza or big cake in such type of refrigerators. If the Refrigerator features narrow shelves, then it can create a problem to place gallons of milk or water. 

Some refrigerators come with door bins, but often these are narrow, and there can be a need to buy small containers to keep the foods, or it can force you to place the groceries on a shelf. That is the only reason behind considering the capacity of the Refrigerator. Is there need of full shelves or narrow shelves can work for you?

The capacity will vary as per the Brand as well as model. If there is a need to store large groceries, then do not fail to buy a large capacity refrigerator. For instance, your kitchen does not have enough space to place a large size counter depth, then you should look for the medium size with a smart capacity, and it will be ideal for you.

How many Watts does a Refrigerator use?

For instance, if you wish to run a refrigerator on an average, it will cost about 8% electricity bill of the total bill. However, a new refrigerator may cost more or less. So it is highly important to know how much your new Refrigerator will cost to run as well as how much it is possible to save. All the refrigerators that are available in the USA require the Energy Guide label that includes the details about how much power these refrigerators may use as well as how much should it cost.

So do not forget to compare the power before you select as well as also get the model that perfectly fits your all needs and also features the capability of consuming the least amount of electricity. Whereas, the cost of running is actually based on the fixed price of about 10.65 cents per kilowatt. 

If you wish, then you can also recalculate your electricity cost in order to ensure it is more or even less. This cost per kilowatt is generally listed on the electricity bill. But if you wish to save your electricity bill then you can operate the online calculator that can help you to estimate the money that you might be saving by simply buying your new Refrigerator, there are some states that offer rebates for the upgrading to more effective and efficient appliances.

How to adjust Refrigerator Temperature Control?

Management of the temperature is one of the necessary things that you should consider before selecting any refrigerator. Counter-depth refrigerators are supposed to keep all the foods at the perfect temperature. If you are wondering the ideal temperature then for the Refrigerator it is about 34 degrees F, and for the freezer, it should be 4 degrees F. 

Best models on the market will allow you to set the temperature directly, but the less expensive Refrigerator will offer a normal range of 1 to 10, and there is no indication to set the target temperature. For instance, if you wish to buy a cheap refrigerator then get ready to spend some money to buy an inexpensive thermometer. It will be helpful to check as well as adjust the temperature as per your need. Some models on the market offer energy saver models and accordingly, it can down the total amount of power, but they usually operate which come at different variations in temperature which can lead to the food spoiling quickly.

If you further wish to save your money, then you should buy temperature control meters. But if you have enough budget to buy a better refrigerator then do not hesitate to buy the one that can provide you with the auto temperature control facility and most of the refrigerators on the market come with this facility.

Is the Refrigerator perfect for your kitchen?

For instance, your kitchen is large enough then do not think much and buy the largest counter depth refrigerator, large in size or you can have medium length refrigerators. Though it sounds obvious but does not forget to measure the available space of your kitchen before you select your Refrigerator as well as be sure that there is enough space for the perfect air circulation behind the Refrigerator and also on all other sides. 

Generally, counter depth refrigerators are shallower normally about 29″ deep so that it will fit flush with the kitchen cabinets. If you do not have the usual cabinet then, in that case, be sure to measure the total depth of the Refrigerator as well as also do not forget to consider if your new Refrigerator will look perfectly right alongside them.

How Does a Refrigerator Work?

It is always important to select a refrigerator that is very easy to operate or use. The best cabinet depth refrigerator on the market can easily pack lots of foods just in a smaller space, but you need to be sure that all the members of your family can easily get what they want from the Refrigerator. 

Before you select your Refrigerator, do not forget to test it at the store. Do not forget to check how much strength is required to open the door? Is it easy to handle your Refrigerator? Some models of the refrigerators are complicated to open as it requires lots of strength. So, it is highly relevant to test before you buy it. Do the refrigerators feature some convenient space for the kids so that they can reach easily to hold the snacks? Test the drawers of the Refrigerator while they are full as well as empty. At times the drawers can stick when those are fully loaded.

Ideal ways to Conserve Kitchen Space

Many people have space in their kitchen which they do not use or can make better use of it. That is one of the great reasons behind buying a counter depth refrigerator instead of one of the more standard models that take up a lot of space. Many retailers do not offer easy access for the precise measurements that you want for your counter depth refrigerator; it is one of the reasons behind researching online and getting a better idea of what you are supposed to pay for a new counter depth refrigerator.

Refrigerator Features

It will offer you the best appearance. Such type of Refrigerator wins all-time just because of their built-in look. These kinds of refrigerators blend nicely with the rest of the cabinetry. Generally, the high-end kitchen features such types of Refrigerator. Whereas the regular ones come with a very normal and decent look.


Size of the Refrigerator matters a lot. Counter-depth refrigerators are generally bigger in size than regular refrigerators which are smaller than this one, as the regular ones are shallower. It can be a big problem for those who really wish to have bigger refrigerators which come with a large storage capacity.

Ideally, regular Refrigerator is suitable for smaller families, but if in case you are dealing with a larger family or even if in case you have a small restaurant or café then you may need such type of refrigerators.


For instance, if you have a limited budget, then you may not be able to but as a counter depth refrigerator is expensive than the regular ones. The cost can be one of the drawbacks to the counter depth versions. 

Secondly, such type of refrigerators come with more options, so generally, these are costly. The price range of such variety of refrigerators starts from $1400 to $3600 or even more. In order to save money and get several discounts then prefer buying online. 

So the final verdict is that the users may not wish to miss a few inches in depth. With the extra width, such type of Refrigerator also tends to offer the customers greater height which generally offers extremely useful use of space. For some users,’ regular refrigerators are convenient. But counter depth refrigerators also tend to offer the user greater height which ideally offers better useful use of space just because it comes with double door units. 

There is a freezer on its one side as well as the other side of the Refrigerator is made for fresh food which will provide you with the best appearance of being the built-in. At last, the biggest drawback is the price of this Refrigerator: As of 2019, such type of Refrigerator tends to cost more than the standard ones but do not forget that it will provide you better facilities than the standard ones.

Difference Between Counter Depth Refrigerator and Regular Refrigerator

The main difference between the counter depth refrigerators and other types of refrigerators is simply the fact that they are designed to store tightly into your counter space. As they can easily fit within empty spaces that you have and so you can save more space in your kitchen for other cooking accessories.

It is highly essential to keep in mind that when you are testing and purchasing a counter depth refrigerator, there will be a vast collection of different sizes and measurements to select from. As long as you know well how to use a tape measure and also compare space with the dimensions for your model, then you can easily order the best option available online or on the market.

Who is supposed to buy a counter depth refrigerator?

In this blog, we have covered freestanding counter depth refrigerators. Ideally, it will be shallower than standard depth fridges, sticking out just a few inches beyond the cabinets and counters so that the doors have enough of room to swing open. It is called an upscale look, in the recent design zeitgeist, and it also helps to preserve some floor space in your kitchen.

Whereas the shallower fridge can be more practical as Mr. Kevin, the kitchen designer explained to us. It will be easier to clean as the back of the Refrigerator is within our reach. By comparison, we came to know that standard depth fridges can easily protrude 5 to 8 inches past your cabinets and counters. Some people assume that it is an eyesore, and the extra depth just can not fit well into their kitchens. But freestanding counter-depth fridges do not seem to be quite sleek as built-in fridges just like Sub Zero; they are very much affordable and easy to install. 

Most of the freestanding counter depth fridges feature a French door design, which we think are perfect just because they feature plenty of widths to accommodate larger items, different other sizes and door designs are available. For instance, the 24-inch bottom freezer is profoundly ordinary in upscale but are cosy apartments. 

Whereas some counter depth side by sides is available still, we think that it is a less sensible layout for a shallower fridge, but a large pizza box will face some problems to fit in the small fridge size. In the case of 36-inch French door models, they are most popular, and that is what we have discussed on in this blog for now. While we were testing different counter depth refrigerators, it was observed that average owner satisfaction with counter depth fridges seems to be a bit lower than standard depth fridges, based on the ratings we have come across on retailer’s websites.

We assume that it is because some owners end up wishing they had more space. For instance, if you regularly stuff your fridge full of food and drinks after shopping trips, then you might feel cramped with a counter depth model, after-all it is a personal choice.       



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