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7 Best Pole Saws for Sale 2019 Reviews | Buying Guide

As the name indicates, it is a saw attached at the end of a pole. It can be manual or gas powered or electrical. Generally used to trim the branches of trees and tall shrubbery without the help of a ladder. After 375 hours of research, we have reviewed 7 best pole saws by considering factors such as price, Amazon reviews, quality, rating, etc.

Greenworks 40V G-MAX Cordless 8″ Pole Saw

Greenworks 40V G-MAX Cordless 8" Pole Saw

Greenworks 40V G-MAX Cordless 8" Pole Saw

This saw comes in 3 pieces: the handle, an extension and the cutting head. There is also a 2.0 Ah battery and battery charger. All you will need is to assemble the pole parts to reach the 5 foot and 8 foot overall lengths, place one section of the pole into another and tighten the thread coupling. There is no shoulder strap included or designed for the Greenworks G-MAX (model 20672). As we tested this saw, it can cut on branches smaller than 4” in diameter.

Greenworks 40v Chainsaw Pros

  • Best Price
  • Better cutting power
  • 4 year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to start

Greenworks 40v Chainsaw Cons

  • Possibility of oil leakage
  • Chances of plug to detach from the machine

Remington Best Gas Pole Saw

Best Pole Saw Black Plus Decker LPP120BRemington Best Gas Pole Saw

The design of this Gas Pole Saw is the main selling point of this machine, apart from the premium features. As the user will be holding the machine in their hands and instead of lifting it up, it might cause much less exhaustion and fatigue, thus allowing the user to operate it for longer period of time. There is auto oiler which is specially designed to lubricate the chain constantly which means you do not have to worry much about lubrication at all.

Remington Pole Saw Pros

·      Unique design

·      Best power output

·      Automatic

·      2 cycle oil

Remington Pole Saw Cons

·      Noisy

Best Pole Saw Black Plus Decker LPP120B

Best Pole Saw Black Plus Decker LPP120B



Best Pole Saw Black Plus Decker LPP120B

For instance, if you are looking for a pole saw for the high branches of your garden which is cordless then this saw is the ideal option for you. LPP120B is convenient to operate as it weighs only 6.3 pounds. It’s not pole saw with a cord that will weigh more than 10 pounds. It also features a blade guard this is especially made to keep the user safe from the blade. There is a powerful motor which will serve your requirements and the batteries used does not take much time to charge and also last longer than the other typical battery operated saws.

Pros of 20V MAX Pole Saw

·      Easy usage and lightweight

·      Long reach availability

·      The ratio of price to quality is exceptional

Cons of 20V MAX Pole Saw

·      The chain and bar are supposed to be regularly lubricated.

·      Consumes a lot of time to get fully charged

Sun Joe Cordless Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe Cordless Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe Cordless Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

This pole saw’s operation is very simple, all you need is to insert the battery into this chain saw, push the button and you are set to go. The operator can cut and carve anything especially the overgrown branch tree and it has up to 40 minutes of runtime when it is fully charged. It has been specially designed for heavy duty cutting and it is capable enough to take down the thick branches other pole saws seize upon. This cordless pole saw can telescope up to 15 feet to reach anything you wish to take down. It runs with the help of ECO Sharp batteries; you might have in house if you own other Sun Joe hardware.

Sun Joe Chainsaw Best Pole Saw  Pros

·      Capable enough to cut larger branches

·      Easy to assemble

·      Lightweight

Sun Joe Chainsaw Best Pole Saw  Cons

·      Shorter battery life

·      The power is poor

Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

After several hours of research and elimination, our one of the best pole saw is SWJ800E 8 Inch Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw from Sun Joe. It features a powerful motor that is 6.5amp, provides a no load rotational speed of up to 2000 RPM. With the help of such speed, it can easily cut branches of 7.5” thickness. This pole saw has 8.7 ft – 15 ft length of the pole and 8” length of the cutting bar. Both the features are incredible and will be perfect for everyone from beginner to professionals. It is capable enough to auto lubricate the chain and lubricating the saw chain is highly important. There is an oil tank placed in this pole saw which is capable of storing lubes up to a weight of 2.7 ounces.

Pros of Electric Pole Chain Saw

·      Affordable

·      Minimal maintenance

·      Less noisy

·      Auto lubrication system

Cons of Electric Pole Chain Saw

·      Not capable for heavy duty applications

WORX WG309 8 Amp  Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

WORX WG309 8 Amp  Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

WORX WG309 8 Amp  Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

In our WG309 review, let’s discuss the patented feature, auto adjustment functionality that helps to handle the adjustment of the chain and includes a self-lubrication system that performs the job of lubrication before the bar gets jammed. This pole saw weighs only about 10 pounds including the motor. This allows the operator to work for longer period of time without having their hands fatigued. The structure of WG309 is very ergometric and so it does not put pressure on your body while you are operating it. This pole can be easily extended with a simple rotatable twist and there is no need of any tools to install the saw into your pole.

Pros of Worx Pole Saw

·      High rated power

·      Multi-Functional

·      Simple usage and setup

Cons of Worx Pole Saw

·      Heavy

·      During operation chain can detach from the machine

Earthwise Corded Electric Telescopic Pole Saw


Earthwise Corded Electric Telescopic Pole Saw

Earthwise Corded Electric Telescopic Pole Saw


Though this pole saw is not one of the most popular pole chain saws on the market but still we found a couple of fair amounts of reviews and most of them were very positive. It can be extended to 9 feet and lightweight fibreglass pole offers less vibration. There are 3 positions adjustable head. It has been equipped with an automatic oiling function that will help to keep your bar and chain well lubricated. It means that your saw will perform and cut well with the help of automatic oiling function, you are not supposed to worry about pushing an oil button or worrying about when you should press an oil button.

Pros of Earthwise Pole Saw

·      It is electrically powered

·      In-line motor at the cutting end

·      3 position cutting head

Cons of Earthwise Pole Saw

·      Operator has to buy the chain saw bar oil additionally.

·      Little heavy when it is extended fully

Buying Guide

Cordless or Battery Powered Pole Saws

Cordless Pole Saws will draw on the power of a rechargeable battery. As per the saw and the type of battery included, one can expect to get between 30 minutes to 60 minutes of usage from a single charge. Previously, Ni-Cad batteries used to be common components of battery powered saws but nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are considered standard due to their longer life and steady power output, even if the battery drains. As they are battery powered, it will provide the lowest amount of power of any type of pole chain saw. Instead of lower power output, they offer other benefits: Portability, Low Maintenance, Ease of Usage, etc. There are bars on cordless pole saws which tend to be between 8” to 10” to allow the operators to trim small to medium trees.

Corded Electric Pole Saws

Like their battery powered counterparts, corded electric pole saws typically use bars between 8” to 10” in length. Unlike rechargeable pole saws, corded pole saws will have to draw their power from an electrical outlet and have to be plugged in via a cord. There is a downside of operating corded electric pole saws, it will stay within 100 feet of an electrical source. But for those operators who actually do not mind staying plugged in, corded saw provides plenty of advantages: Low maintenance, Lightweight, Affordability, etc. For instance, if you wish to spend a little more time outdoors trimming your trees as well as spend less money than a corded electric pole saw might be the ideal choice for you.

Gas Powered Pole Saws

Such type of pole saws of choice is for landscaping and forestry professionals as well as for homeowners who have larger properties to maintain and bigger tree branches to cut. Gas pole saws are well suited for heavy duty work because they feature powerful gas engines, longer bars, improved torque and comfort features such as vibration reduction and rear mounted engines for balance. It can be louder and more expensive than electric pole saw but gas powered pole saws offers professionals and homeowners alike the freedom to work across large tracts of land and to cut thicker branches without running out of power.

Which is the ideal pole saw for you?

There should be number of questions in your mind while choosing the right product for your needs. These include:

What is the length that has to be cut?

Firstly, check the pole reach of the saw. For instance, in case of powered saws, poles generally extend to around 12 feet in length. But remember that the manufacturers will often advertise the maximum reach, which means how far the cutting equipment will reach into the tree when being held by the operator. It is a bit misleading as it all depends on the height of the operator using the saw and the manufacturer will add 3 to 5 feet onto the pole extension length in order to calculate this figure. So, while selecting the pole saw, go on the maximum extension and not the reach.

How often the saw will be used?

For instance, if you wish to use the saw on a regular basis then you may need something more durable and longer lasting. In this case more expensive gas models are likely to fit. As mentioned before, it will be the preferred choice of professionals who might use their tools on a daily basis. In case of occasional home usage, electric and battery operated models will be ideal. One can just take them from the garage and start pruning regardless of mixing gas and oil, do not forget to check the fuel lines.

Is there access to a power supply?

If there is access to power point then you think of operating an electric corded saw or else it is not possible. For instance, the trees in your garden are within 100 feet of a power socket or if there is a portable generator then you can easily opt for this style or else, you will have to choose between manual, battery operated and gas.

Am I capable enough to carry out regular maintenance?

Gas powered saws require a fair amount of maintenance. Small work such as changing air filters and spark plus should be carried out as a matter of routine in order to keep the machine in top working order. Also you have to keep the cutting unit in better condition with the help of regular sharpening of the chain. Electric or corded and battery powered saws require less looking after as one does not have to worry about the engine elements. The operator has to be ensured that the chain is kept sharp or replaced regularly if needed. But if you do not wish to do any maintenance then opting for a manually operated model will be an ideal option for you.

What is the width of the limbs to be pruned?

For instance, if you are supposed to routinely prune and trim large limbs then a gas saw is the perfect option for you. Such type of saw tends to have longer bars and are the most powerful of all the products on the market. In case of light pruning, while having excess power will not be as crucial but smaller bars which are capable enough to get into tighter spots may be more convenient. Ergo, corded and battery versions comes under these criteria and will be ideal for you. While cutting the limbs, a general rule is that the guide bar should be of two inches longer than the branch diameter if you wish to get through it in a single pass. Still it will be possible to cut thicker limbs but then you have to tackle them from different angles.

Can I comfortably use a pole saw?

At the weight scale, such types of products are on average, ranked as follows:

  1. Gas powered saws will be heaviest.
  2. Battery saws will be moderately lighter than gas powered saws.
  3. Electric saws have no battery so it will be lighter than cordless.
  4. Manual saws are the lightest of above all.

Electric saws are the lightest and can weigh around 7lbs but gas saws will weigh twice the electric saw. Do not stay in dilemma that 7lbs is a reasonable light power tool but if it is at the end of an extended pole it will be heavier and harder to handle than a 7lb power tool held in your hands. For instance, if you are facing difficulty while lifting heavy items then a manual style may be the best option for you. At last, you might find that a slightly heavier machine will be much easier to operate just because of it has better ergonomic design.

What is the budget?

If all the other factors are equal and budget is the only criteria? The user is newbie and wish to test the market and looking for a low cost power tool then electric is the best option, offering you to access to a power outlet. But if you have a larger budget and wish something which will last a longer period of time then gas it the ideal option.

Is there any other consideration?

Yes, other factors you should consider:

Does the unit have an adjustable angle head? It is highly useful for cutting at different angles and getting into tight spaces.

Is there automatic chain lubrication? If not then you will have to regularly chain oil to the blade that too manually while cutting.

Can pole split in two? Poles that are capable enough to be taken apart make it much easier to store your tool.

Where are you supposed to operate it? For instance, if you will be operating in noise sensitive areas then you might find that a gas product does not go down too well with the neighbours.

Why Should You Buy Pole Saw?

Usually, pole saw would not be the first thing most of the people think of while purchasing power tools and that is understandable to an extent. Drills, circular saws, nail gun etc. are at priority in people’s list which does make sense. But if you have trees on your property then the owners need a way to maintain them, especially if you wish to avoid hazards and keep the trees looking their best. There might be a lot of ways to go about this but pole saws are the best solution for many reasons.

Saves Money

There is no doubt that you can always call a arborist when there is need have your tree limbs dealt with and they always do a better job but on the other hand cost can easily add up quickly. Ideally, one should call a professional when you have multiple branches damaged, power lines nearby or a case where the issues are way high up the tree. But still 80% to 90% of tree trimming can be done on your own. Better quality pole saws will cost under the range from $50 to $150, as per the model and type. It is less than the cost of asking a professional to do the same work. It’s known as a one time investment which can further save your hundreds and thousands of dollars in the future.


Another reason behind to have a pole saw is the convenience it offers. Even though you do not mind calling a professional time to time but if you have a pole saw on hand, operator can go and take care of the issue by their own instantly. It is highly useful when you have sudden issues with broken limbs or maybe simply need to trim your tree down to let some light through or allow the surrounding branches to flourish more.


Previously folks have been sawing trees using different methods for years. One of the most primitive approaches including climbing up into the tree with hacksaw and then sawing off limbs through hands. Not all will scale a tree to take down a branch, other people might have tried standing on a ladder and trying to reach a branch, which is not a safer approach either. A pole saw will help you to stay firmly planted on the ground while pruning the branches, which is considered as safe as it gets. So if in case you are thinking about getting out the ladder and with the help of hand saw some extra branches, then please save yourself as it is not a better option and order a pole saw instead.

Better Grooming for the Trees

In case of pruning and cutting, there are certain models which can reach up to 15 feet high branches. It is combined with the perfect frame; it will assist you to trim and prune the trees with ease. There are certain models which have extra long bars up to 10 inches which are capable of cutting branch of up to 7 inches thick.

Effortless and Quick

By using pole saw your garden work will get so easy and you can work efficiently without wasting time or your precious efforts. Most of the models have shafts which come in multiple so that one can assemble them and achieve a hike in their reach. As you get to do pruning for the easy reach branches then you can just disassemble and work with consistency.


In terms of portability, many of the pole saws are made from lighter materials like aluminium or fibreglass. It’s rightly said that, it can be easily carried around without having to put much effort. In fact while hiking or camping, one can carry and camp in a perfect area.


Some of the above mentioned models also have features with two cutting tools so that one can prune, trim with one tool and chop the branches with the other tool. The motors featured in these pole saws are made in such a way so that gardening attachments like a hedge trimmer, blower and edger can be attached and operated effortlessly. In case of functionality, pole saws are available in three different power output functionalities: electric, fuel powered and battery powered.

Factors to Be Mindful of While Selecting A Pole Saw

Blade Size

Blade size will be important regardless of the type of saw. But if you are operating a manual pole saw then a longer blade will help you to cut larger branches easily, offering more saw power efficiency with each pass of the blade. In case of a powered model, blade length will be your maximum cutting capacity. For instance, if you have a saw with 8 inch bar with 7 inches exposed then you can only saw branches 7 inches and under with one pass. Remember, larger saw bars or blades will allow for larger branches to be cut easier.

Pole Length

Do you wish to reach the tree branches, right? That is the prime factor behind operating pole saw, after all. In pole length you will come across the most variance. But extendable models will generally have telescoping poles so that it is easy to adjust the length and then lock it back in place. In the market you will come across those pole saw that have a maximum reach but it is not the pole’s maximum length. In fact, maximum reach or reach up to sec on a pole saw will incorporate both the pole’s max length and the user’s height. Most of the manufacturers will add 5 feet to the max pole length and then gets the total. Manual saws can range between 7 to 15 feet long but at times more. But with the powered models just make sure that the pole is at least 7 feet long.

Cutting Bar Length

The cutting bar shows the maximum diameter of the branches you can cut. Generally, bar length falls between 6 to 12 inches and with eight inches being the most common. The standard thumb rule is that the cutting bar should be a minimum of two inches longer than the diameter of the branch you are cutting. For instance, if you need an eight inch bar to cut a branch six inches in diameter.


The heaviest pole saw on the market is at about 20 pounds but even lighter models at seven to 15 pounds, can start to feel heavy while you are working overhead. But electric and cordless saws weigh less than gas powered models.

Removable Saw

Few pole saw feature a cutting head that can be detached from the end of the pole for using a handheld chainsaw. It can be helpful if you want to cut a branch into smaller pieces.

Additional Features

The manufacturers are constantly working on to make pole saw more durable and easier to use. But with some saws you will find anti vibration features and non slip grips and many of today’s pole saws come with a self oiling chain. In case of manual pole saw, the user has to oil the chain by hand.

Material of the Pole

When the pole is operated for heavy duty task then it is mandatory to consider the material of the pole. In fact the material is the main contributor to its weight and all you can do is select the high grade material which is durable and light in weight. One of the best materials of the Pole is aluminium and if the Pole is made from an Aluminium material, it will last for longer period of time.


Most of the manufacturers offer one or two year manufacturer warranty on the pole saw. The operator is supposed to check the warranty period and its terms and condition while purchasing it.


A pole saw is one of the essential tools for the gardening process. If you wish to keep your garden well maintained and decorative then get a Pole Saw and fulfil our desires.

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