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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring & Carpet (2019)

Hardwood floors not only make any area look a decent one, add beauty, charm and warmth to a home but they can also increase the value. Ideal vacuums for hardwood floors and area rugs are powerful enough to clean deep into rug fibres yet gentle enough to avoid scratching the wood. After several hours of testing, we have selected following 7 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring and Carpet Review:

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Bissell Canister Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1547 – Corded

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Hard Floor Turbine Foot of Bissell Canister Vacuum

If in case you are concern about the functional capacity of this vacuum, get your assurance from the powerful turbine foot. Its performance has been enhanced to the extent that enables it to clean up minute particles from your floor. To clean debris from hard floors and carpets need a highly functional turbine foot for effective retrieval effect. This canister vacuum is ideal for domestic and commercial utility because it works with better efficiency. It is highly recommended for its robustness and the merit of durability.

Multi – Cyclonic Technology of  Bissell Canister Vacuum

One can judge the effectiveness of a vacuum from the power of its suction. In this case, it is truly of the highest standard because of its effective multi – cyclonic technology. While testing this vacuum it was found that the capacity of this vacuum to produce a powerful suction is incredible, which enhances thorough cleaning. In this present era, multi – cyclonic technology is widely favoured in the cleaning technology because of its great degree of the thoroughness.

Telescoping Wand of  Bissell Canister Vacuum

This vacuum features a telescoping wand which allows you to move comfortably as you clean your room. While testing this vacuum we noticed that just because of this feature work is done faster with less energy. It features best quality of maneuverability which helps you to move easily on floors that are packed with furniture.

Lightweight Design of  Bissell Canister Vacuum

This machine features simple, compact and lightweight design to enhance convenience. This dust buster is highly recommended for cleaning raised places that requires a bit of lighting. There are two wheels located at the base of the vacuum followed by a dust bin sitting on top and a hose connection point at the front. Such design style will help the vacuum to move around effortlessly by the user, making each cleaning session a much less daunting task. It also features an internal cord wrap that can be pulled out when in use. Operator can pull out as much of the cord as they would like (up to 18’) while cleaning; then just hit the cord wrap button located at the back of the unit and the cord will automatically wrap itself back up inside of the vacuum cleaner.

Pros of Bissell Canister Vacuum

  • Quiet and easy to operate
  • Robust features to have durability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ergonomic feature to save the operator from fatigue
  • While operating it is very gentle on the floor and does not scratch the surface
  • Easy to maintain as it features a self cleaning brush roll

Cons of Bissell Canister Vacuum

  • May not be perfect for delicate carpets
  • Telescoping handle is too heavy
  • Complex for different users

Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord – Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord-Free Vacuum (Yellow)

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Performance of Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord Vaccum

This vacuum feature digital motor, delivers powerful, consistent suction, picking up dirt, debris, pet hair, dust and whatever else your floors may be harbouring. It just takes one pass with this vacuum to clean hardwood floors and low and high pile carpets and also pulls up little particles from between our floorboards. The head of the vacuum is covered in soft woven nylon and carbon fibre filaments. There are numerous included attachments which help to optimize the vacuum’s performance on a variety of surfaces. While testing we found that direct drive cleaner head includes a beater bar that gets deep into shag carpets and the soft roller head is perfect for getting dust and debris off hardwood. During the normal mode, the head can pick up fine dust and large debris very well. When the max mode is turned on, the rolling speed of the head is the same but the suction is a lot more powerful and it significantly decreases the vacuum’s battery life. It features the suction power of 125 Air Watts while bigger vacuums often reach at least twice that power.

Design of Dyson V8 Absolute Vaccum

Dyson V8 Absolute features a sleek and modern vacuum and while testing it made us realised that careful thought was put into this design. The weight of this machine is appropriate and makes it easy to push around the floor and dust up high. While testing we found that you can easily transform it into a handheld model by removing the neck. Emptying the vacuum’s dustbin is as easy as pulling a lever – there’s no need to take the machine apart or touch the contents you have vacuumed up. There is HEPA filtration to ensure that it efficiently captures allergens. This vacuum does not have a standard on-off switch rather it features a “trigger” that one can hold down continuously as one vacuums and it was a bit tough on our hands while we attempted to clean the whole house.

Dyson V8 Battery Lifespan

One of the prime downsides of a cordless vacuum is that it has a fairly limited runtime. While we used it on the standard power mode, it ran for an impressive 40 minutes which is significantly longer than many of its competitors. Remember that if you are using the motorized cleaner head or MAX power mode, this time will be slashed dramatically to 25 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. Once the Dyson V8 Absolute’s battery is fully exhaust, recharge time is about five hours – considerably longer than some other cordless vacuums. For instance, if you fail to finish your vacuuming on a single battery charge, the long charging time means that you might have to resume your cleaning session much later or even the next day.

Pros of Dyson V8 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring

  • Better cleaning than powered units
  • Improved dust bin
  • Best air filtration
  • Better battery life
  • Outstanding tools for all jobs

Cons of Dyson V8 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring

  • The price is a bit steep
  • It struggles a bit with large debris on hardwood floors

Miele C2 Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool + SBB400-3 Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush - Tech Blue

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Multi-Layer Filtration System of Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

This vacuum features a multi-layer filtration system which increases the life of the high filtration exhaust filter. The air will pass through their high filtration Multi Layer HyClean Bag and a secondary electrostatic filter before reaching the special exhaust filter. Each layer of filtration will capture more particles as the air passes through them. Ideally, a multi layer filtration will enhance performance by ensuring good air flow through the system and prevents large particles from reaching and blocking the exhaust filter. It comes standard with their Super Air Clean exhaust filter for those desiring perfect filtrations but who do not have dust related sensitivities which actually requires such a level of filtration which meets the stringent HEPA specification. We tested this vacuum with eight other leading brands, in order to determine if vacuum cleaner efficiency affects the level of airborne allergens commonly found in home, like pet dander and dust mite feces. At the end we found that some vacuum cleaners substantially increase allergens in the air. It proved that Miele captures virtually all the dust, dirt and allergens you pick up, improves the quality of the air you breathe.

High Performance of Milele AirClean Dustbag

Miele’s new AirClean dustbag offers unbeatable adavantages which enhance the performance of the Miele Calima canister vacuum cleaner. Firstly, it features new material which composes AirClean dustbags that has made significant progress in the quality of filtration because of intricate web of three-ply random-spun polymer fibers, far more tiny particles and allergens are retained than with conventional dust bags.

This vacuum feature enhanced composition of AirClean which virtually eliminates clogging, improving cleaning performance even further. It will capture millions of tiny dust particles and holds them tight within its fibres by keeping the pores of the dustbag open longer. As a result, it retains its excellent cleaning performance, even when the dustbag is full. It also features special polymer material which makes the dustbag practically tear-proof.

Miele Vortex Suction Motor of Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The powerful 1200 Watt, it produces plenty of suction for cleaning your home. It has fan parts that are aerodynamically designed with no parallel surfaces and nine long fan scoops than typical six shorter ones. Such scoops are quite wide near the hub of the fan and become narrower toward the outer edge similar to that of a jet engine compressor. This single stage optimizes the air flow and increases the overall motor efficiency. It also features lifetime lubricated ball bearings, well balanced motor parts, enhanced motor suspension and lining of the motor housing. As the life expectancy of this vacuum is of 1200 hours, it offers warranty for this motor for seven years.

Electronic Motor Speed Control of Canister Vacuum

This vacuum is also equipped with six different motor speed settings which helps to adjust the air flow to over 150 CFM, providing you complete control when you clean. The electronic speed control dial on the vacuum helps you to easily select the proper amount of power for cleaning anything from draperies to medium height carpeting. While reducing the suction will prevent curtains, upholstery or area rugs from inadvertently being drawn into the cleaning nozzle.

Deluxe AirTeQ Combination Floor Nozzle of Canister Vacuum

This vacuum is packaged with the SBD 285-3 AirTeQ Rug and Bare Floor Tool which works perfect on bare floors as well as low nap carpets. To have even better performance on carpet, consider a Miele with turbobrush or powerbrush since they have powered revolving brush rolls. It has a top mounted lever to switch between carpets and bare floors. In case of bare floors brush strips long the front back and sides pop out to provide non-scratching brushing action. Notches along the front will allow dirt to easily enter the nozzle. For carpets and rugs, the brush strip will recessed by allowing the channelled steel sole plate to contact the carpet and pulling air through the nap to clean it.

Pros of Canister Vacuum

  • Powerful suction
  • Different types of nozzles for different surface
  • Powered brush roll
  • Low lying Parquet tool
  • 6 different power setting

Cons of Canister Vacuum

  • Heavy electrobrush
  • Hose is a bit stiff

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Gyroscope of Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum feature gyroscope which may not be a conventional gyroscope but that does not matter. In fact, this feature enables the vacuum to map out the entirety of your home. It does this while cleaning each individual space. While vacuuming, it makes a note of the spaces or corners or areas that it has already cleaned. This data is fed back into the vacuum which enables it to create a kind of “virtual map”. With all this data compiled into the vacuums mainframe enables the device to create effective pathways as it cleans, makes the cleaning process even more effective and efficient. In terms of technology, this is some of the best software on the market. By using “WeBack” app you have access to a couple of great features. The operator can create custom schedules for the vacuum, when there is a need to clean. One can also remote control that can be used. It is a simple remote control that provides you access to the same features that the smartphone app gives you with the exception of the mapping and cleaning path overview.

Performance of Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No robot vacuum will be ideal enough if it did not have the ability to clean and vacuum well. But this one definitely does! The operator has access to a couple of different modes: auto mode, edge mode and single room mode – are simple modes that are not particularly versatile but they do work very well, overall. Each mode features a dual spinning sweeper brush, a rolling underbrush and suction that has been designed to be extra powerful and effective. By using a HEPA filter, stuff like pet hair are sucked in and easily filtered and disposed of, same goes for every other type of debris. This vacuum works perfect on thick rugs and carpets, which is remarkable because few robot vacuums are able to do that.

Battery and Storage of Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Charge this vacuum via the included power cable. It features built-in battery which allows the unit to be used without having to be connected to a power source. This provides the vacuum a full range of motion so it can get into every area of your room to leave it clean and the unit has operation LED light indicators to let you know where you stand – Includes Charging Cable Power Adapter.
It has a detachable brush for easy cleaning and automatic ‘Bag-less’ operation with garbage collection tray that opens for easy disposal. As soon as the Pure Clean Smart Robot vacuum is done cleaning storage is easy. This vacuum feature low profile and compact size which allows it to be stored anywhere easily and rapidly.

Pros of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Better Mapping
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • One can set cleaning schedule through different programmes
  • Auto Return
  • Tight Corner Cleaning

Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Cost
  • Pre Cleaning
  • Fear of getting stuck
  • Time to time emptying required


Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum

Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum (red)

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Technology of Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum

In terms of innovative technology in canister vacuums, Dyson is always at the forefront. This vacuum not only features a Dyson Cyclone and Ball technology but also the radial root cyclone innovation. The Cyclone technology will help you to have a powerful suction system which can easily capture dirt and fine dust particles. As this vacuum feature ball technology, you are assured of unmatched maneuverability with no awkward movements. It is packed with the company’s trademark ball technology that makes a huge difference.

Trash Bin of Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum

This vacuum is a bagless canister, Dyson’s DC39 Animal offers a hygienic trash bin. It features a flip of a button and certified according to the standards set by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. As it is bagless so there is no need to purchase a bag in the future.

Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum Review

This vacuum is a smaller unit but still has more suction power with enhanced cleaning capacities. The smooth mobility of the vacuum allows you to avoid hitting the things or damaging the wall corners. When it comes to noise, this vacuum cleaner operates softly. But there will be some noise that you can hear, this unit is calmer than average vacuum cleaners.

Design of Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum

It features lightweight design, helps you to pull it effortlessly in different directions. There is a brush roll’s on/off button which is conveniently located so that you can switch from carpet to tiles to hard floors without difficulty. While cleaning a small rug, there is no need for you to bend over to turn on or off the brush. As it is driven by air and is not as heavy as a full upright vacuum like Dyson DC40 Multi Floor upright vacuum cleaner, it might fail to pick up deeper dirt on carpets. It means that you might not be able to achieve deep cleaning on high pile carpeting. There is a powerful turbine head of the Dyson DC39 multi floor canister vacuum which can operate on carpet and wood floors, it is known as the essence of this vacuum. With the help of swivel action, handling the edge of your furniture and stairs can be undemanding.

Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum: Features

It is one of the moist evident features of the Dyson DC39 multi floor. As it employs the canister ball design of Dyson, this unit aids in movement and maneuverability. This means that one can twist and turn it between furniture in a painless manner.
Built-in attachment hanger
At the front of the unit, there is a built-in hanger for the vacuum attachments, a huge convenience. This aspect of the vacuum will allow you to attach wand, handle and hose of the unit while storing it. You might need to know proper way to attach these three parts, this feature works outstanding.

Pros of Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable
  • Can work on hard floor and carpet without changing head
  • Built in attachment hanger

Cons of Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum

  • Plastic Parts
  • Cannot store all the attachments onboard at once

Kenmore Bagged Canister Vacuum

Kenmore 81414 400 Series Pet Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum with Extended Telescoping Wand, HEPA, Retractable Cord, and 4 Cleaning Tools, Red

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Lightweight Design of Kenmore Vacuum

This vacuum not only looks amazing but is just the kind of lightweight machine that is needed to clean your home in minutes. At just 22 pounds, it can be easily maneuvered to drive through tight spots at home and just as simply carried up or down the stairs too! There are so many vacuums out there are heavy and bulky which make it super difficult to hold on to it on the stairs with one hand and try to vacuum them with the other. This vacuum dimension, which are 25.9 x 16.2 x 13.6 inches, allow anyone to be able to better handle its maneuverability in a simpler and more effortless way. This specific design can accommodate all kinds of flooring, from carpet to hardwood to even linoleum in one seamless transition and all with the same powerful capability. This design also helps to eliminate the needs of other household tools such as brooms and dustpans since all that cleaning can be done with one simple machine.

Kenmore HEPA Vacuum

It features a bagged canister, which helps to keep your home in its most tip top shape. It’s beneficial tool that includes a convenient HEPA filtration system, which helps to remove almost all dust and allergens that are usually common in the household. This canister vacuum is pet friendly. Being able to do that is one of the major plus as many vacuums on the market oftentimes have canisters that do not hold in dust very well and so whenever the vacuum is turned on, dust starts flying everywhere. People who have allergies, it can turn into poor and harmful experience. This vacuum features the built in and easily removable canister which not only holds in all the dirt and dust but also it effectively removes them by lifting them out of the carpet resulting in a much cleaner and fresher home.

Automatic Cord of Kenmore Vacuum

The Kenmore vacuum features an automatic cord rewind, which is convenient because you will not be tripping or fussing with the long cord after you have finished cleaning the house. Those tend to be major tripping hazards as the sheer length of the cord most vacuums come with and not to mention, very time consuming.

Dust & Upholstery Brush of Kenmore Bagged Canister Vacuum

One of the great attachments that comes with this unit is the dust and upholstery brush. The wand for the brush is telescopic and extendable, again for those super hard to reach areas and thus making vacuuming that much easier and pleasurable. This attachment does extend up to 10 feet and has a friction fit, that means none of the attachments will fall off during cleaning. The dust and upholstery work outstanding for their respective duties and no dust or crumbs are missed of left behind. The reason is that the tools also never lose suction because the vacuum’s two-motor system and power flow technology embedded in the sweeper, even with its smaller diameter pipe opening.

Pros of Canister Vacuum

  • Onboard extra attachments
  • Lighyweight
  • 2-motor system for powerful suction
  • Power flow technology

Cons of Canister Vacuum

  • No headlight
  • Not that efficient enough for hardwood cleaning

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Carpet

Bissell 1161 comes with the remote-control handle to ease the use of the unit. This vacuum contains two main commands: vacuum off/on button and power cord rewind system button. All other controls are placed on the handle which is outstanding as the user has all the major function under their fingertips. When you will get the unit, it will require some assembly, before that be sure to read the manual or instruction thoroughly. The operator has to insert two AAA batteries in the handle in order to use remote control and in the end, to operate the vacuum. For instance, if two AAA batteries are not included then be sure to use high quality alkaline 1.5V batteries. After the batteries are inserted, vacuum plugged in the wall power socket, turned on using button on the canister, vacuum cleaner is ready to be used and controlled using controls on the handle.

Reach of Bissell Canister Vacuum

This vacuum comes with 16 feet long power cord and 5 feet flexible hose and telescopic wand. As it features flexible hose and telescopic wand, cleaning reach increases and are highly important when cleaning elevated surfaces. With the help of clip-on system, flexible hose, telescopic wand, hard floor and carpet cleaning heads connect easily. Whereas, dusting brush and crevice tool use friction connect system. Such additional cleaning tools not only clean hard floors but also low pile carpets, upholstery, stairs, edges, corners and other hard to reach surfaces.

Bissell Canister Vacuum Design

This vacuum is deigned especially for hardwood by employing non-marking rubber wheels with felt treads. Most of the vacuums use plastic or other scratchy materials which can easily damage wood and tile. It also features soft brushes that lightly dust so that you can pick up dust bunnies and crumbs without having to worry about stiff, rough bristles that tear.

Features of Bissell Canister Vacuum Design

When you are done with vacuuming, you wish to dispose of all the gunk without getting it all over the place. This Easy Empty Dirt Tank will conveniently open from the bottom so that you can simply hold it over the trash and all the dirt pours out. Now you need not to handle fragile bags that can tear. This is a bagless canister vacuum cleaner. There is a small dirt tank with the capacity of 1 litre which will open from the bottom. The design of this tank makes it well for the environment. As it will open from the bottom, it will not expose the allergens or dust particles in the air.

Multi-Level Filtration System of Bissell Canister Vacuum Design

As this vacuum features the art cyclonic cleaning suction technology, you will easily get constant suction. Most of the models of canister vacuum cleaners do not provide continuous suction and there is a need to reboot. But this small canister vacuum does not need that as it works without any lag. It also features a 10-inch brush which provides a better cleaning. However, cleaning path for this vacuum cleaner is 11 inches so you won’t have to spend too much of time cleaning the entire room.

Super compact Bissell Canister Vacuum

Unlike a lot of canister vacuums, this one is really compact. It weighs around ten pounds and comes with automatic cord rewind for easy storage. The operator can use it frequently, even daily if you wish, without feeling like it is huge chore to go get out the vacuum and then put it away when you are done.

Pros of Bissell Canister Vacuum

  • Longer hose
  • Bagless
  • Dual power buttons
  • Easy to retract power cord

Cons of Bissell Canister Vacuum

  • Short power cord
  • Pre motor foam filter instead of using HEPA filter

Conclusion of Best Vacuum for Hardwood Flooring & Carpet

Ideal vacuum cleaners for carpets come in different styles and sizes. You can select from canister vacuums, robot vacuums, corded vacuum, cordless vacuums, etc. But if you have high pile carpet then just make sure that you can adjust the height of the brush roll. It’s but obvious that people will purchase a vacuum cleaner with a versatile feature. Finally, if you are operating a filtration system to keep allergens to a minimum then do not forget to review.

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