SATT Paris Saclay Innovating with Confidence
19 February, 2019
Investment Artificial Intelligence through Alternative Data
Alessandro Arrigo...
18 February, 2019
Lar Espana Corporate Presentation
Lar Espana
16 February, 2019
Product Market Competition and Entrepreneurial Activity
Hadiye Aslan, Pra...
15 February, 2019
Insurance - Europe 2019 Outlook Remains Stable
Benjamin Serra, A...
14 February, 2019
BT Group Plc Q1 2018/19 - Investor Meeting Slide Pack
13 February, 2019
Future Now 2019 Presented by Mindshare
12 February, 2019
New Growth Cycle and Value Innovation
11 February, 2019
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Vodafone Group H1 2018/19 Results and Strategy Update
Vodafone Group
09 February, 2019
The Big Fade - Canadian and American Economies
Sal Guatieri
08 February, 2019
Success Personified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
07 February, 2019
CIO Tomorrow Developing The Next Generation of Leaders
Nick Fortine
06 February, 2019
European Research Area: Implementation of the Free Circulation of Knowledge
Cecile Rocuet
05 February, 2019
Business Development Consulting By Arkadiusz Cieslik
Arkadiusz Cieslik...
04 February, 2019
Ipsos 2018 Investor Day: Behind Total Understanding
Didier Truchot
02 February, 2019
Comparative Economic Studies: Rivers and Trade
Daniel Berkowitz,...
01 February, 2019
China: Entry, Expansion and Exit Strategies
Lingnan Universit...
31 January, 2019
Digital Disruption in Insurance: Cutting Through the Noise
Tanguy Catlin, Jo...
30 January, 2019
HEROZ Japan Presentation Material for FY04/2019 Q1 Financial Results
29 January, 2019
The Practical Guide to Managing Data Science at Scale
28 January, 2019