24 Hour Auto Loan Approval Offered By New Car Canada

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New Car Canada now offers 24-hour car loan approval to any car buyer in Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia - December 26, 2016. New Car Canada provides the fastest auto finance processing time, ensuring that all aspiring Canadian car buyers are given approvals 24 hours upon submission. All applicants that meet the requirements are immediately approved regardless of any issue or red flag on their credit report. Unlike other online auto loan providers, New Car Canada judges applicants based on their financial capacity to payouff a loan, instead of their credit standing. This unique practice enables those with previous bankruptcies, vehicle repossessions, and unsettled collections to successfully apply for an auto loan.

Aside from being the fastest and most lenient online auto loan provider, New Car Canada also has an approval rate of 90 percent. It works in partnership with top car dealerships in the country, giving its clients quality service and absolute customer satisfaction.

Basic Requirements Needed
Applicants who meet the following simple criteria are welcome to apply for auto financing services at New Car Canada: (1) a stable employment history, earning at least $1,800/month; (2) a legal driver’s license; and (3) the capacity to secure an insurance coverage for the desired vehicle. With its simple requirements, any Canadian can surely qualify for a cheap car loan! To know more about New Car Canada’s unique financing options, click here.

About New Car Canada
New Car Canada has the fastest car loan processing time, approving thousands of applicants from various places in Canada every month. It uniquely specializes in bad credit and no credit car financing at very affordable interest rates. It also accommodates those with weak credit scores.

With over 5,000 vehicles to choose from, you can certainly find the car that you want at New Car Canadat. Take a look at their amazing auto loan options at http://www.newcarcanada.ca/vancouverbc. Apply online using your smart phone and laptop. Do it now and get approved in 24 hours!

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