4 reasons why online mode of MBA exams are popular

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When it comes to entrances for MBA in India, the online mode of examination has replaced the offline mode for quite some time. Popular exams like SNAP, conducted by Symbiosis for its MBA program, have made their exams online based on the common trend applied by the rest of the institutes for their own entrance exams and by the popular demand of the exam takers.

With many online portals assisting various institutes and MBA bodies in conducting their online entrance exams, it not only makes their work easier but also saves them a lot of money in preparing offline question papers. But why is the online mode of examination so popular among exam takers? Here are the 4 reasons why.

1. Timer

One of the main complaints students have of the offline mode of examination is their difficulty to track time. Students are so engrossed in attempting their questions that they can forget to track time and thus lose out on a good chunk of questions to attempt.

An online mode of examination has a timer on the top right corner for you to always keep an eye on. Since the mocks for most of the MBA entrance exams are designed online, you accustomed to it. You can strategize which section to solve under how many minutes and thus attempt the paper accordingly.

2. Navigate easily

When you give mocks to prepare for entrance exams, you navigate through certain sections to get a feel of the paper. You find a certain section more up your alley than the others, so you attempt that first. However, in an offline mode, you have to turn through the pages of the question paper and it can become cumbersome as well as time-consuming.

Thus, creating an exam strategy becomes easier in an online mode of examination as compared to the offline mode.

3. Read the question paper

In an online mode of examination, there is a question paper tab, where you can read the entire question paper within a few minutes by simply scrolling down. Since you already know your strong points, you can attempt the easier questions first in your favourite section.

4. Mark questions accordingly

An online examination gives you three options - Attempted, unattempted and marked for later. If you choose an option and proceed to the next question, you have attempted the question or else it is left unattempted. But, if you haven’t attempted the question but want to revisit it later, you click the ‘marked for later’ option.

Thus, you can keep track of the questions you have attempted and the ones you have marked for later, something which is difficult to do in an offline mode of examination.

So these are the 4 reasons why the online tests for MBA entrance exams are so popular among exam takers in India. All the best with your preparations!

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