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5 Banking Trends for 2019 By Stephen Nikitas

 Stephen Nikitas
Description: This presentation contains "Banking Trends for 2019". Rising interest rate environment for financial institutions and consumers. Lack of loyalty to a financial institution means competition is fierce.
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Category: Management
Contributing Organization: Harland Clarke Corp.
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5 Banking Trends for 2019
How Institutions Can Survive and Thrive
In the Era of Customer Engagement

February 12, 2019

About the Presenter
Stephen Nikitas
Senior Strategy Director

• Joined Harland Clarke in 2010
• 30 years of experience in strategic planning,
marketing, public relations and executive
• Provides consultative services to banks and credit
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The Future of Customer Engagement in Banking

The presentation defines what is the future of customer engagement in banking using artificial intelligence(AI) and compare the banking model of past and future with mobile banking

Stephen Nikitas
16 November, 2018