5 Ways to Help the Environment in an Urban Space

 Joshua Smith

Now, more than ever, we need to think about our impact on the environment, especially if you’re living in London or any other major city in the UK. Studies have shown that big cities around the world are among the top contributors to global warming. So, here are five ways to help the environment if you currently live in an urban space-

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Let’s get the most cliché (yet one of the simplest) ways to help the environment: the three R’s. Reduce the waste you contribute to the planet by avoiding single-use plastic and investing in reusable water bottles, straws, and utensils, food containers, etcetera. Use a tote bag when you shop to avoid plastic. And, if you can’t avoid plastic and other waste materials, recycle as much as you can.

Support Smart Mobility

Smart mobility refers to modes of transportation that do not use gas to operate. If you’re currently in the market to rent or purchase a car, maybe it’s time to switch to a more sustainable option. Electric cars and cars that use solar power as a backup are trendy nowadays, and for good reason – they don’t contribute to carbon emissions that damage the ozone layer and make the planet warmer. This is why car companies like Mercedes have started to produce smart cars. You can find them in dealerships around the UK such as the Sandown-Group.

Start Carpooling

Whether you have a smart car or not, carpooling is another way to help the environment. You can connect with neighbors who commute to the same area for work and start a carpool with them. Not only will you reduce your contribution to carbon emissions, but you can also meet new friends along the way.

Cut Paper Usage

Paper production is one of the factors that lead to deforestation. Factories that produce paper also contribute to air, water, and land pollution. And even though the paper is biodegradable, it is among the top solid waste that you can find in landfills. So, as much as you can, cut your paper usage. Perform important transactions that require paper (like invoices, bills, receipts, etcetera) digitally. If you’re currently a student who has a lot of readings for your classes, download them to your tablet, phone, or laptop instead of printing them out.

Stop Consuming Fast Fashion

Most of the clothing brands you love fall under “fast fashion.” They produce in mass trendy pieces that go out of season before the next Fashion Week even comes. These brands often outsource labor to underdeveloped countries, taking advantage of children and people from poor communities. They also contribute to massive pollution in these countries, leaving their citizens with environmental problems that make them sick and create worse living conditions for them. One of the most significant ways you can help the environment is to stop supporting fast fashion brands. Instead, find more sustainable clothing brands or shop at thrift stores.

In a fast-paced urban space, caring for the environment may not seem as important. Climate change has never been more pressing than it is today, so try these five ways to help the environment and start the change within yourself.

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